Sweetened, Condensed Milk. I did not know!

afternoon coffee

I have discovered something. Actually Carrien told me about it but I just now got around to trying it.


Sweetend condensed milk is so delicious in coffee!! I did not know this! It’s like 37 cents a can and it can sit in your pantry forever. Once it’s opened I think it lasts about two weeks in the fridge. I keep mine in a glass sugar bowl with a lid and spoon it into my coffee every morning. Just a spoonful and then stir and it magically becomes the perfect color. Just enough sugar and milk and only one step! Except it’s a little messy.


It’s gloopy and gloppy and I haven’t yet perfected the flip of my wrist to get it into my cup without dripping down the side of my sugar bowl and across the table. But I don’t care because it is so yummy! And I think if I have my math right it is less calories than half-and-half and a spoonful of sugar. I could be wrong though.


Nothing matters to me, just the taste. It’s funny because I remember my Grandma used to use it all the time. I’m not sure in what…Sanka maybe? I never tasted it until now. I thought it would be awful but I was so wrong.


I think I’ll be on this kick for a good long while. And here I thought I had discovered every single way to drink coffee.

coffee rings

Anybody have any hints on clean-up? Maybe I should use a honey-wand. In the meantime, I don’t care. It’s worth the mess.