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Sweetened, Condensed Milk. I did not know!

afternoon coffee

I have discovered something. Actually Carrien told me about it but I just now got around to trying it.


Sweetend condensed milk is so delicious in coffee!! I did not know this! It’s like 37 cents a can and it can sit in your pantry forever. Once it’s opened I think it lasts about two weeks in the fridge. I keep mine in a glass sugar bowl with a lid and spoon it into my coffee every morning. Just a spoonful and then stir and it magically becomes the perfect color. Just enough sugar and milk and only one step! Except it’s a little messy.


It’s gloopy and gloppy and I haven’t yet perfected the flip of my wrist to get it into my cup without dripping down the side of my sugar bowl and across the table. But I don’t care because it is so yummy! And I think if I have my math right it is less calories than half-and-half and a spoonful of sugar. I could be wrong though.


Nothing matters to me, just the taste. It’s funny because I remember my Grandma used to use it all the time. I’m not sure in what…Sanka maybe? I never tasted it until now. I thought it would be awful but I was so wrong.


I think I’ll be on this kick for a good long while. And here I thought I had discovered every single way to drink coffee.

coffee rings

Anybody have any hints on clean-up? Maybe I should use a honey-wand. In the meantime, I don’t care. It’s worth the mess.


  • Melissa K. in Nebraska

    Sweetened condensed milk transferred to half-pint-sized mason jars and simmered in a crock pot for about 8 hours makes dulce de leche. Also great in coffee.

  • mar

    Oh, I like ioi’s suggestion! I was going to say, my trick with honey is to dip the spoon in my tea first, make sure the spoon is good and hot, then scoop out my honey, and this way it doesn’t drip. Maybe that would work with the sweetened condensed milk?

  • Yara

    I was gonna say a little syrup dispenser but I like the squeeze bottle better.
    You’ve used this in iced coffee, right? I did that last year and *insert drool here*

  • Anna

    I’m so going to try this tomorrow although the organic/raw side of me might freak out a little. I just won’t read the can. I am alllllllll about yummy coffee!!!

  • Rebecca Ellington

    I can totally solve your problem!! Trader Joe’s sells organic sweetened condensed milk in plastic bottles (sorta like a chocolate syrup bottle). It is the most awesome thing ever. It was one of my favorite Christmas gifts last year!! :-)

  • Elizabeth

    I keep mine in a cocktail shaker in the fridge with a can of evaporated milk mixed in to add to iced coffees. Learning this (a pinterest find) has saved me *loads of dollars* because I don’t have to go through a drive through for a yummy, creamy iced coffee.

  • Elizabeth

    Also, I was TERRIFIED to read this post because I assumed by the title that you were going to say something awful about sweetened condensed milk and cause me to not want to use it anymore. (I have too many friends on a health kick around here) I’m so thankful we are on the same page with this one!

  • aunt kathy

    Where do you get it for 37 cents a can? We pay over $3 here in BC. (Or something exorbitant like that). I’m stocking up next time I visit you!

  • Gretchen

    I discovered the pure joy of sweetened condensed milk on a trip to Vietnam in the late 90’s. It is traditional to serve very strong coffee over ice with sweetened condensed milk. I keep mine in the ‘fridge in a vintage honey jar with a honey dipper.

    @Rebecca Ellington – I am so heading out to my Trader Joe’s for a bottle, so much more convenient (and less messy)!

  • Madge

    I’m loving the squeeze bottle idea. Where are you getting your condensed milk? The best price I’ve found was around $2. I stocked up and have quite a few cans in my cupboard, i’m going to have to try this. My coffee consumption has decreased considerably lately, it kind of makes me sad, heh.

  • bethany actually

    I was gonna suggest a honey wand or a squeeze bottle, like the ones we use for pancakes, or the stuff at TJ’s sold in bottles…but your other commenters have beat me to all of those suggestions. :-) I’ll have to try this!

  • BeachMama

    I was going to say a honey wand too!! I love sweetened condensed milk, never thought to look up the calorie content, I just assumed it was high. Yumm what a great way to start the day!

  • Heather

    I haven’t read all the comments, so I’m not sure if this was suggested or not. You can use a medicine dropper. Like the ones they give out with prescriptions. They measure a teaspoon at a time and seems like they might just be the trick.

  • Jennie

    When I was a kid, every Sunday night after church we would mix a can of sweetened condensed milk with a bag of chocolate chips and melt it. Then you drizzle (okay, who am I kidding – POUR) over scoops of vanilla ice cream and, oh my WORD, is it a delicious treat!!

  • Sleeping Mom

    Oh wow I haven’t tried condensed milk in coffee but I’m guilty of dipping strawberries in it and eating it that way. So ridiculously sweet, strange-sounding, bad for you, but tastes awesome.

  • mimi

    Last summer I got hooked on using it in iced coffee. Ree Drummond blogged about making iy that had too many steps for me. Now I make extra in the morning and have iced coffee in the early afternoon. Check out her recipe on thepioneerwoman.com site!

  • Jade

    Yum. Haven’t thought of using sweetened condensed milk in my coffee at home, but when I read it my first thought was Vietnamese coffee.