Lemon Week

Salted Lemons

ready, set, slice!

I finally got around to making those salted lemons. I didn’t follow any directions so I probably did it wrong but I don’t think there is a wrong way. I’ve googled lots of recipes and there are all sorts of ways to make them. I made them this way (sans the pressure cooking) last year and they worked out great.

salted lemon preserves

They are so yummy. Everyone always asks me how you eat them. I personally put them on salad. They add a super lemony kick to whatever salad dressing you use. But then I love high acidity in food so if you don’t you might not like these.

making salted lemons adding salt layer by layer

Bug helped with the salt, Kosher salt. We didn’t really have enough so this might affect their outcome. We’ll see.

piling them in

I also sliced them this time. Usually directions tell you to just cut deep cuts into the whole lemon but I always slice them up when I eat them so I figured why not start out that way. It’s an experiment.

salted lemon slices

No matter how you slice it, they sure are pretty. I hope they turn out tasty too!