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Just another day at the office.

the kittens make their mark story boarding

Very, very busy at the office.

somebody is not working very hard in the office

Some of us.

rejected sketches

Busy, busy. (These are the rejected sketches.)

SAJ has NINE spy cameras (in fiction of course. I wish IRL!)

Very busy.

pretty Aqui zzzz

nap attack

And when we’re done being busy we drop dead from exhaustion.


In other news: I have a post up on my review blog talking about how my kid won’t wear what I pick out for her in the morning. Chime in with your two cents and you might win a $25 gift card for American Living clothing! Hurry! Contest ends this Friday!


  • gingermog

    Omg my kind of studio kitties and dogs everywhere :) Have you seen my photo on FB of my cat warming herself on my lightbox? Pesky animal is always wants to sit on my script, sketches and get involved in whatever I’m doing. Shes not allowed to sleep on my laptop now ( I plug it into a large monitor) after that one time it overheated from her furriness and shut down. Argghhh!

  • a chris

    Are there really nine cameras in that pic? Nice touch, making the spy cameras hard to find.

    I’d like to read hands-on impressions of the Wacom Inkling, but for me there are a couple of obvious problems: one is having to do the sketches in ballpoint; another is having to have the thingy clipped on my page from the start of any sketch I might want uploaded to the computer, before I know if it’s going to be any good.

  • grandma sue

    three more kittens go to good homes in San Diego today that only leaves me with three. I think that is good since we started with 10