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    phoning it in

    Here is little Bug at the park under a giant oak tree. We stopped after school because I’d promised we’d go the day before but then I broke her heart because I realized that going to the park when it cools down is also when all the gangsters like to go to the park and cuss loudly and generally act like hooligans who might steal your purse or something. They are probably harmless but I’m a scared paranoid mama bear in this town.

    We have to move. I’ve set a date. We are moving in June.

    So we went the next day after school. It was sweltering and there was no one at the park, probably because the metal slides were hotter than a cookie sheet in the oven. Why would anyone install metal slides at a park in the desert? I don’t know. Anyway, this giant oak tree offered us wonderful shade. It was actually pleasant. We spread out a blanket on the soft over-watered grass and she ate her leftover lunch from her lunch box, which was pretty much all of it.