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Housekeeping Post #2


When you read the title of this post you have to make sure you say it super fast and a bit high-pitched like the maids do at a hotel, okay? Because that is the way it is supposed to read. I’m the boss around here. Hah.

I have stuff I need to discuss with you. If you feel like it, of course.

I’m working on the colors book. I’m ALMOST done. I have one more page to go and then the title page and such, which is really easy. But the last color is silver and of course the first illustration that pops into my head is a silver salamander seeking single sea horses on match.com or something. By the way, the color book is all in alliteration because I like books like that and I thought it would be fun. You’ll see. It’s not your average color book.

But I’m worried that a salamander seeking sea horses for summertime fun is not appropriate for kids. What do you think? He could just be seeking friends on the computer. Kids do that these days, right? And it’s sort of edgy like my U is for underwear page in my alphabet book which has gone over pretty well. I don’t think it’s offensive but then I know there are a zillion critics out there. As a parent or adult reading to a younger child, would you find that offensive or funny? My gut is to just go with it because usually the illustrations that shine strongest in my head are the easiest and most fun to make. AND I like books that have inside jokes for the parents.

Next: Blogher!!! Wooooo hooo! Guess what? I won the Knorr cooking contest for my Chicken Chili Chocolat recipe. Can you believe it? That was unexpected. I’m not a foodie and I don’t even have a cooking blog but I might be participating in a cook-off in front of an audience at Blogher! Whoa!!! I’m kind of scared actually! I hope don’t get stricken with the shakey voice. I used to get that in public speech class. Shudder. Though I think I can just make fun of myself and get through it. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the worst cook there.

There is a chance I might not do this though because the only reason I entered this contest was to get a ticket for my sister-in-law and now there’s some small print about the prize (worth $3K!!) not being transferrable which is a real drag since I can’t really use any of the prize otherwise. I already bought my blogher ticket back in February, I’m sharing a hotel room with a friend and I only live an hour and a half away from San Diego so it’s not like I need a plane ticket. I really hope they work something out for me because I think this would be super fun for me and CC.

And since we’re on the subject of blogher and everybody seems to be asking, here is what I am wearing. Probably, maybe.

what I'm wearing to blogher

I’ll probably just pack every single item in my closet that I like and decide when I get there. That’s my usual strategy. Though I have some new dresses that my mom made me buy and they are pretty snazzy. The one in the middle is super tight and fitted but it has black stripes in all the right places so it makes me look like I’m two sizes skinnier than I am. I’m thinking that might be the perfect Secret Agent outfit when I’m on stage cooking. Pow! Bam! Snag! Grease stain! Wait, no snags or grease stains on my new dress!! I don’t know. I’m just going to wing it. If all else fails, I’ll just wear jeans and my favorite tank top with sequins (!).

So what do you think? The housekeeper wants to know. And yes, those animation marks on my shoulders in the middle dress are emphasizing the GIANT shoulder pads. I’m so 80’s flashback. But hey, when you got hips like I do, you gotta work it. It worked back then, it’ll work now. I’m not too proud to beg. Cue Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


  • silver

    Take out “single” and I think the salamander thing would be perfect!

    That’s exciting about the recipe contest! Although I have no advice on what to wear for the cook-off.

  • flyingbird

    For me personally, the salamander idea would give me pause in a kid’s book. I don’t think I’d want to try explaining “internet personals” to my little one under 5, or even give them ideas about searching for friends via the computer until they’re WAY beyond learning colors. :-) But I’m one of those “very cautious about kids on the internet” kinds of parents, so just my two cents.

  • Cathy

    Woohoo congrats to you on the Knorr contest – not surprised at all – that Chicken Chili Chocolat sounds delish and makes me want to try it! I think that middle outfit would rock the stage and is definitely SAJish too. And I love inside jokes for parents when I read to little ones!

  • Heather

    For a kids book, the looking for anything on the internet would bother me, especially all the afterwards questions that comes from my son. Why? What? Etc. Maybe a silver salamander sitting on rocks at the beach looking for silly seahorses for summertime fun type angle. Im sure whatever you do will be amazing and it is your book. Good luck

  • Amanda

    I don’t think I have a problem with the word single, but also think if I was reading it to my class I’d drop the word. I’d say swap out single for snazzy or sun-kissed seahorses. Love the salamander!
    And hope that BlogHer will help you out some way…that would be awesome if they would. Congrats on winning…so VERY cool!

  • bouncy

    Yeah, I would take out the “single” part. It sounds like something one would put in a book for teenagers. And they should know their colors already. :)

  • Katie

    I love the salamander but not a big fan of the seeking singles part, my little ones ask about EVERYTHING and I think I’d be uncomfortable trying to explain that.

  • amy

    I agree with Katie :) Take out the single and maybe instead of summertime fun use ‘summer time swims or something.

    Man I wish I could draw like you do.

  • aunt kathy

    “seeking silly salamanders” – I go with Heather. “…on the sandy seashore” maybe? Ya, seeking something on the internet might be iffy.

    Yea for you winning the contest! I know where I’m going for dinner when I come to S. Ca.

  • Angie

    I agree with the others. Lose single, and add silly, snazzy or maybe shiny and you’ve got a great silver sentence for kids & adults

  • Beverley

    I agree with others regarding losing the word single. Other than that it’s super cute. And congratulations on winning the cooking contest! The recipe sounds yummy & if it weren’t for my darn chocolate allergy I would’ve totally tried to make it :)

  • OMSH

    1. I have not gone shopping for Blogher clothes. Is everyone doing that? Can I use the excuse that I’m too busy working hard for my clients to care that I won’t be stylish at Blogher? Yes? Good.

    2. I would laugh at the inside salamander joke. Gooooooo salamander!

    3. I have broad, football shoulders — please tell me…please, please, please tell me shoulder pads are not coming back.

    4. This comment is too long.

  • Janna

    First- Love the Silver Salamander but maybe he is seeking sequin stilettos for salsa sessions on Ebay or seeking seriously sour snacks for seven silly sisters on Amazon? I think it is funny now but he does sound like he is seeking a date…ahem…or dates. :)

    The new dresses sound so cute!! Did you get shoes to accompany your sassy striped number?

    The cook off sounds awesome! Do you watch Next Food Network Star? I want to try out secretly…

  • Jaynette

    Love the snazzy shoes idea. You draw very cute shoes.

    Congrats on the cooking contest. Hope all the extra details work out.