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Happy Fourth! Let’s Blow Stuff Up!

I’m posting this old movie because I don’t have anything recent ready to go and I’m hoping we get to try this experiment with Mentos and Coke all over again. ‘Cause now that we live out in the sticks where the grass is dry and a spark could burn down my metal house in two seconds, I’m thinking some non-flammable explosives are in order.


  • Kuky

    Happy fourth! I wonder if Isabelle would like to try the Mento Coke thing. We’ve seen the Eepybird guys in person before twice but she’s never gone, I want to try that.

    And hey our banners are similar! For the past few months Isabelle wanted me to copy what our Hello Kitty calendar is doing. That’s why last month we were in airplanes. It didn’t make any sense at all but Isabelle liked it. I’m glad it wasn’t something weird this month. :)

  • Cathy

    Happy Fourth!! Love the new banner. Saw a really cute ceramic lemon shaped juicer and thought of you and Bug! :)

  • TexasLea

    We’ve done that experiment before too! You really can get a cool effect going if you have more than one person dropping mentos in the bottle at the same time. We used the cheap generic bottle stuff from Wal-Mart and set of red, orange, yellow, and grape soda’s pretty much at the same time. It was a sticky colorful mess!
    Happy 4th of July to you and yours!