the sticks,  unpackamania

Moving in

my humble abode

I swear, I walk away from my blog and four days mow me down. Or was it six? Two? Who’s keeping track anyway? Truth be told, I’ve been in manic unpacking mode and am completely to blame for promising you another post the next day and then walking away for a few days. Why do I always do that? I should know by now never to make blogging promises.

Anyway, guess what? I have one box left to unpack. ONE! Yep. As if that surprises you. I am the speed-demon queen of unpacking. I love setting up home and finally, finally, finally after all these years, it’s my home! I don’t even have to ask anyone where they would like something. I can just plow on through and put things where I think they should go. I mean, I kinda do that anyway with other people’s homes but I do hold back a little. Not here. No holding back. I have to say this has been the fun side of starting my life over.

it is what it is

So where did I leave off? The outside of my trailer? Hmmm…what can I say? It is what it is. I’ve got a lot of yard work ahead of me. (And these are the flattering photos.) I’m probably not going to get it in tip-top shape because I do have to spend a good chunk of my time working but I’ll poke away here and there.

my backyard

I do love my mom’s old broken down red chairs. They are always photogenic. I plan to spend many mornings drinking coffee back here.

the sticks

And there’s that old saguaro. I’ve blogged about it before. I can’t seem to find that one post I wrote about how my grandma wanted my grandpa to take the cactus out as her last dying wish and how I’ve fought everyone to keep it all these years. I love this giant cactus. I know it’s a danger and it could fall down on our house someday but it just seems wrong to chop something down that’s been here for over a hundred years. If anyone should move, it should be us. The cactus was here first. And yes, I know there are people who will pay good money to take it out for us but now that I live here, I want it to stay. It’s the only photogenic thing this place has going for it, I think. That and the sunsets.

sunset in the sticks

Have you seen these sunsets? They happen every day! It’s crazy. I walk outside and I notice a pink glimmer on everything. Then I turn around and KABAMO! The sky is on fire! It’s like God’s personal present for me every day.


  • Stephanie M

    Man, I was cooking and getting the house ready for friends to come over this evening, and I happened to glance out the window…as you said, KABAMO! Beautiful pink and orange sky. Between that and the 70 degree weather, it almost made me forget I was getting ready for a CHRISTMAS party in DECEMBER.

  • Lisa

    I love the cactus, I’d keep it, too! It sounds like your new life is coming along. I was one of those ‘silent prayers’ way over here in Florida. I was sending good vibes you and Bug’s way…I think that it’s working! Keep posting pics on how your new place is coming along. I just moved, too and I’m trying to figure out how to make a less-than-ideal space work for me and my 2 little guys (and one bazillion legos and hot wheels!)…xoxo

  • kate

    i’m a long time reader…but never have commented…i am glad that you are enjoying your new home…and that you have beautiful sunsets to enjoy!…wishing you a wonderful christmas…and many new happy adventures…(seems so inadequate…my words…but from personal experience i know the experience of separation from a marriage with children and i really hope for the best for you)…

  • Steph

    Hi: Like Kate, I’m a long time reader/non-commenter. I wish you so much luck and happiness in your new adventure. Thanks for your optimism and creative energy. It’s infectious!

  • Yara

    That’s a gorgeous sky you got there.
    And dude, that cactus is insane… in a very awesome way. Hope it stays put (as in, doesn’t get cut down & doesn’t decide to fall over onto the house)

  • jenifer

    Are you in Twenty-Nine Palms or Joshua Tree? It just kind of reminds me of it there. If so, you should totally eat at Crossroads Cafe in J.T. SOOOOOOOOOO good! If you’re not there then ignore, haha! Love your blog!

  • Madge

    Yesterdays sunset was amazing! Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. I can’t get that out of my head. I’m glad you fought for that cactus. It really is something to admire.

    Go you with the unpacking. I had a feeling you were going to be pretty quick with that :P

  • Ninabi

    I live in the Sonoran desert and I am wondering, how did one of the giant people-like cacti, the saguaro, end up where you are? Is it out of range or do they naturally grow there? I love them, too.

    It looks so fall-like at your new house. I like the outside- those red chairs are so pretty, like fallen apples in an orchard.

    I can’t believe you are blogging so quickly- I’d be digging out modems and flapping my hands about what-cord-goes-where with my computer!

  • gingermog

    Wow what wonderful sunsets and sunrises in your new home. I am sure you will miss the ocean but these skies will make a difference. Huge garden for Bug to play in and make dens as well plus grandma just next door. Tell me do you have fireflies?

    SAJ says: No fireflies. :( I wish! But the backyard is still very fun.

  • Kristina

    I’d give anything to experience these beautiful sunset every day! How about sunrise? Funny, i find the giant cactus endearing. I’d love to hug it but no…. hehe

    And your grandma’s red chair is so inviting and i love the photo of it… Could be for a magazine spread!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    One of the things I love the most about the prairies is the sunset I get to see every morning. We definitely have a creative God!

    I really like that cactus as well.

  • gingermog

    Ah well, I can just imagine fireflies flitting around your magical garden at twilight. Imagination comes in handy sometimes. I am also imagining how your garden smells. Is this the place where the lemon trees grow? I expect the ground smells hot too. In the middle of winter you forget these things but my body holds a memory of being really warm from my Summer LA visit.

    You can decorate the porch with Chinese lanterns (electric ones as l’m always a feared candle ones with catch alight – I never give candles as presents, just encase ).

  • dori

    WOW! That is certainly an amazing cactus. It is a little scary the way it’s leaning, but I’d have a hard time chopping it down too. I can’t wait to see your progress on the yard.

  • Jenn Bo

    It is a gorgeous sunset. I don’t see many like that where I live. I love that enjoy unpacking and settling in. My husband and I seem to be in constant debate of whether to stay or move from where we are. As a consequence, the “my space” part of the house (e.g., office) is not organized or unpacked!

  • Andrea

    Having just discovered your blog about ..oh 5 minutes ago…I wish you well in your new home. It looks like you have found yourself in a big-sky country judging from that sunset which must surely be a good thing. I hope you find youself many evenings in that lovely red chair out in the dusk, sipping away at a delishiousness, pondering life, bug(s), and all that is beautiful, with a contented smile on your face. (and if that’s not your style – have a damn fine time anyway).


    That is an amazing sunset!! Worth a daily ritual of stopping to take it in, without a doubt!! It will feel more like home each day – don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll get to things as time allows. :)

  • Natalie

    H ianother long time mostly silent reader. I just want to echo everyone and say you have been in my thoughts and I hope that things go exactly the right way…what ever that way may be!

  • aunt kathy

    Wow! That sunset hit me just as you said – Kabamo! So pretty. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing you soon. Really looking forward to spending time with the family at the end of the year! Love you.