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    a thank you

    new printable

    Heather sent over the paypal money yesterday and it was a lot. I only needed $130 for a craft desk but apparently my wonderful friends (probably you and you and you too) on the internet think I need 27 craft desks! I could teach a class! Seriously though? I’m floored. I’m just a blubbering idiot who can’t think of the right ways to say thank you.

    I haven’t seen the email addresses yet or the notes that came along with the donations. Heather is organizing all that for me so that the people that wanted to be anonymous can stay anonymous. I’m sure it’s going to make me cry. I wanted to hand paint postcards for everyone who donated but Heather said the donators probably didn’t want their money going to postage. So I had to think of something I could give away here free.


    This is something I had saved away on my computer for some imaginary book deal I might get someday. But you know what? I don’t need no stinkin’ book deal right now! I need a thank you download. So I’m giving this to you. It’s little. But maybe you can go buy yourself a coffee or your friends some coffee or some hot chocolate for some little kids and you can wrap these little pink bears around your cups and pretend it’s a thank you hug from me.


    Because that’s what I’d really like to give all of you right now. And then maybe somehow when we were hugging, I could transfer mentally how overwhelmed with thankfulness I feel.

    I just don’t know what to say. Maybe you guys know what I need more than I do.

    Please, download, print and share!

    Thank you.