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Mom’s doing better

Mom's feeling better

My mom went into the hospital last Tuesday with a painful case of pancreatitis. She’d been having terrible attacks of stomach pain for a while but she didn’t know what they were. Finally they were so horrible (bouts of vomiting, etc.) she had to go to the ER. This turned out to be a good thing because she was diagnosed with pancreatitis and put on an IV. Two days later she was feeling a lot better. They think the pancreatitis is caused by her gallstones so she’s sticking around the hospital even though she’s better to see if they will operate on her and take her gallbladder out.

Of course life doesn’t stop while you’re in the hospital. In fact, if you’re in my family, it just gets crazier. My mom is still in the process of moving out of her old house and into her new studio apartment. So her stuff is everywhere but where it goes, of course. That seems to be the only constant around here. Then my brother’s family has moved into her tiny apartment temporarily because the water and gas have been turned off at their house. Why? Because the last job my brother had never paid him. Of course! He’s been waiting three weeks for a paycheck. This is totally normal in my family.

Nothing keeps her down.

Everyone is plugging away doing the best they can, as usual. Including my mom who asked CC to bring in her rotary cutter and her fabric so she could work on an order of flags she needed to get done for her Etsy Shop. I’m sure the nurses think she’s nuts but it makes me smile.


  • Becca

    Yay for mom doing better! And I loved to see her working on the flags in the hospital. That is some dedication! Hope all works out and calms down soon.

  • Kinsey

    Adorable picture!! I get pancreatitis a few times a year and it’s no joke. I am glad she is feeling better and able to get caught up on work! I usually treat the hospital like a vacation and sleep all day. Hope her surgery goes well. I will keep everyone in my prayers!

  • a chris

    Sorry your Mom’s ill! Hope she gets the treatment she needs to get rid of these troubles tout de suite. Those are two great photos. I love that girl and grandma look really happy in each other’s company. Yay for your Mom keepin’ on keepin’ on even in an uncomfortable hospital.

    Hope your brother and the gang can catch some luck!

  • Ninabi

    I do hope and pray your sweet mom gets better soon. I can’t believe she was up and about cutting fabric in the hospital. Life is never dull for your family!

  • Carrie

    I can’t believe she’s working in the hospital! I hope they are able to get her feeling better and out of there super fast. I’m sure a visit from Bug helped!

  • BeachMama

    Hope your Mom is doing better and still working hard on her flags. I love that she insists on working while at the hospital, I totally get it. Hope things get sorted out for your brother and family soon.

  • clistyb

    oh, tell Miss Susan that her old ‘neighbor’ Clisty says “hello. and take it easy in there :)”
    Id want to do crafts in the hospital, too.

  • Kuky

    Hope she gets better quickly. This is the 3rd time this year I’ve heard about gallbladder problems. I’ve had two friends get theirs removed this summer.

  • gingermog

    Hi Brenda, Thanks for the update I hope your mother is out of hospital soon and the Dr’s get her pain and sickness under control. She’s a real trooper working on her Etsy orders while not feeling well. I’m sorry to hear about the trouble CC and your brother have been having. As a freelancer I know just how awful it can be when a client does not pay up. I hope the next person he works for a is a good, prompt payer. Love to you all. xx