• Laura

    Oh my…. suddenly I am feeling much better about my own collection of card stock! :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  • Amanda

    Wow, first, love the envelopes and the colours…and, holy crap that’s a lot of envelopes. I agree with Laura, I don’t feel bad about my card stock collection. :) And now I feel the need to get envelopes of all different colours.

  • shawntelle p.

    I find blues and purples inspirational colors. Perhaps you could pick up a few of those to round out your collection?

  • Melissa

    I’m jealous of all those color envelopes. I’m too cheap to splurge on color envelopes so I just have boring old white ones. Seeing these makes me want to change my tune!

  • Sonja

    None of those are right for this project. Though… remember how you inspired me to cut out dotty insides to make the plain white envelopes for Noahs’ caterpillar party? Perhaps this would be a time for something like that.

  • Jamie

    I make my own! I get really pretty 12×12 scrapbook paper; light colored paper can be folded so that the color is on the outside with the white inside, dark colored paper gets folded so that the color is inside and the white is outside. I also make small cards too, it wont work if you need to make something big. But it is a thought! :)