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15 Minute Weekend Recap


We had a pretty good fourth of July. We blew up a bunch of street fireworks at our friend’s house who live in a different town that allows fireworks. That seems to be our tradition now.

working on her sign chips and brocamole

CC came out to hang with us and we had a little mini barbeque with her before the fireworks. We had “brocamole” aka guacamole and chips, of course. Bug made up a little sign and tried to hawk them to our neighbors. I think she’s been bitten with the entreprenurial bug ever since the lemonade stand.

kerpow! wooooo!

Mr. Patrioticair! jump!

The next day we took CC to the beach for doughnuts and lattes—another tradition.

sandy toes

doh doh doh beach bums

It’s been really foggy and misty at the beach lately. It feels more like winter in July than it does in January. California is so weird that way.


That afternoon I planned a little get-together for my birthday (which is actually today but Monday was a better day for everyone). It was just drinks with friends at a local restaurant. It was so fun. So much better than sitting at home, moping about being forgotten. Sometimes if you wanna have a good time on your birthday you just gotta do it yourself, you know? I’m so glad I got off my high horse and planned something for myself. Everyone seemed to have a really good time and it was very low stress. At least for me anyway. I’m not sure about everyone else who had to brave the crazy beach traffic to get here.

Sir Sonja

Sonja amused us with her wax mustache. That never gets old.

me and Crystal

My friend, Crystal.

me and Jen

And Madge.

I should have taken a photo of me and CC but we were too busy doing other things. Toby even pulled himself away from work too which meant the world to me. I wish I had taken a photo of us… but alas I was busy yakking and not thinking.

I have to say I really had a happy pre-birthday. Life has not been easy lately and of course I can’t blog about that. Don’t you hate that? I hate it too but this is the way it is. So having one day filled with friends and visiting really cheered me up. It is the best birthday present anyone could ever ask for.


  • bethany actually

    Sparklers, brocamole, doughnuts and lattes at the beach, lunch with friends and wax mustaches…sounds like a delightful weekend. Sorry I couldn’t be there to make your life complete. ;-)

  • Jen

    Oh yay! I’m glad you had a great pre-birthday, and I hope you had a great real birthday as well.

    Also, Bug’s doing AMAZING with her writing! Wow!!

  • Andrea

    I know what you mean about not blogging the hard things. Maybe just open notepad and blog it to yourself? Glad you had fun with your friends. And Happy Birthday!

  • a chris

    Hey, happy birthday!

    Brocamole is an inspired misspelling of guacamole, especially for such a young kid.

    You wouldn’t catch me trying to sell my brocamole. I’d keep it allll for meeeeeee.

    What happened to sparklers? Did they make them less sparkly? I’ve been away from my native fireworks occasions so long I must have missed it…

  • Sam

    Happy birthday to YOU! It’s definitely better to make your own party…hope you continue all the birthday goodness this week.

    Bug’s tweet about $50 chips and guacamole made me laugh!

  • Melinda

    Happy Birthday! The cool thing about planning your own birthday party is you get to do just exactly what you want. So glad you had a fun time with friend and hope today brings you a special surprise or two to brighten things up.

  • Melissa

    Sounds like the weekend was a win. Also, so you know you are being forgotten…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • Jennifer W.

    Happy Birthday!!! I think there should be a *secret* community blog that anyone can submit a post to about all the stuff they can’t really say on their own blog… that sure would help me. Maybe I should run with this idea…

  • Madge

    Brocamole is making me laugh. I was happy to celebrate with you. Grapefruit margaritas are awesome.

    Bethany – you were sorely missed!

    Hmmm, secret things that I can’t really talk about blog, it has many possibilities.

  • Ninabi

    Happy birthday to you! It looks like you had a lot of fun!

    Bug suddenly looks so grown up to me now, with her lovely long hair and all the writing she’s doing.

    You put a smile in my day, SAJ, with your blog. I hope the not-blogged about stuff eases up for you.

  • Kuky

    Happy birthday! Looks like a wonderful weekend. And what a good idea to plan something for your own birthday. I should do that instead of stressing Alan out by saying surprise me.

  • cc

    All I have to say is that $50 for Brocamole seemed a little steep, but we bartered and settled on some hugs, kisses, and tickles instead. It was worth it.

    I love you guys so much and was glad to be able to spend some time with you.

  • Becky

    Happy Birthday Brenda! Hope you have a great day. :-)
    I’m sorry to hear that life hasn’t been too great lately. I’ll be praying for you.

  • Christine

    Happy birthday! I just had one too – our housewarming party was secretly also my birthday party; that way I got to have a party without being too much the center of attention, since the house was the star of the show.

  • Sarah

    I wonder what brocamole made with broccoli would taste like? I love Bug’s entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe I’ll suggest to her that she could sell her Mom advertising space on her posters LOL.