art is messy

my little artist

I know lots of parents do this and it’s nothing new under the sun but we have a lot of art supplies just laying around ready to be used. I love it that way. I love that there are buckets of crayons (new ones even) and washable markers, giant pads of newsprint paper, an easel with a fresh roll of paper and water color paints ready to be painted with…it might not be neat and clean but I would have loved to grow up this way.

art is messy

Maybe my kid will grow up to be an accountant.

anthro bottle flowers


Wow! Wow! Wow! Flowers made out of plastic bottles?!! I’m blown away. I haven’t seen these yet at Anthropology but I might have to go to the mall just to look for them if they are still there. And THEN I’m stocking up on some pretty pastel spray paints and making some! So neat!