art is messy

my little artist

I know lots of parents do this and it’s nothing new under the sun but we have a lot of art supplies just laying around ready to be used. I love it that way. I love that there are buckets of crayons (new ones even) and washable markers, giant pads of newsprint paper, an easel with a fresh roll of paper and water color paints ready to be painted with…it might not be neat and clean but I would have loved to grow up this way.

art is messy

Maybe my kid will grow up to be an accountant.


  • OMSH

    Hey, I almost bought a skirt just like that for Meredith at Target! I LOVE that photo (of Bug – the second one is nice too).

    ART IS MESSY – and thank the Lord for it because there is entirely too much that is NEAT!

    Would explain all the green!

  • Madge

    Bug can be the accountant for Pixie and her tattoo shop, har har har. My girls like to color and paint every now and then but they LOVE to write in their journals. Clarabelle writes real entries, while Pixie and Sprite scribble notes in theirs.

  • Sonja von Franck

    HA! That’s always the way it is… She seems to love it so I wouldn’t worry that you’re pushing her into something that’s not “her thing”. It will always be good, quality time spent with her mother – and that’s all children really want. Keep up the good mess!!

  • Gramma

    Your Mom and her siblings liked to paint too. I’d give them old empty paint bucikets, fill them with water and supply them with big brushes. They’d spend hours “painting” the redwood stained walls of our house in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. When one side was done, it was time to do it again because the tropical sun had dried it all up.

  • flyingbird

    This is why I love your site–an open mind to anything creative and artistic! Makes me start thinking about where I can set up easels for my kiddo.

  • Sharna

    so funny! Love the outfit. I often look at my kids lives and think “man they are lucky!” I would have killed to have all the art goodies they have available to them… I wonder how it will change their lives all the time…. I also often wonder “what if I’ve never tried the activity/sport/etc that I am most gifted at?” Like what if I would be the best equestrian EVER but have never had a chance to get on a horse? And to that end I offer my kids lots of opportunities to at least try things.

  • gingermog

    I’d love a studio like this now and a tutu to paint in! Concrete floors are easy to clean after messy projects and all the light and plants makes your outside area look lovely and inviting. A perfect place to paint, make things lounge read and drink iced tea. Which is what I imagine you to drink (lemon flvaoured of course – from lemons picked in your moms garden) don’t cha know.

    Ce sera sera whatever will be will be. Maybe Bug will end up being an accountant but who knows.. with a mom and Dad who are both busy creatives and giving her such an inspiring upbringing you may have another designer on your hands.

    Have a great day x

  • WarsawMommy

    Great outfit – and I wish I could have arty stuff just lying around. Sadly, my 11-month-old does not distinguish between choking hazards, dustbunnies and edible stuff, so I KNOW all that lovely paint would be down his throat in seconds. After all, he eats paper.