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Citrus Week Day 1: Lemon scones!

tangelo eyes chief juicer

Welcome to Citrus Week! Or maybe I should say week-let because the lemons are already dwindling! Can you believe it? I thought I had so many! We may have gotten a little over-enthusiastic with the juicer. I let Bug try a few and she had so much fun she wouldn’t stop. I know I could have stopped handing her lemon halves but I was having fun too.


Whiiiirrrr! Whirrrrr! Go little juicer go!

Morning of Lemon Week Day 1 morning


The first thing we decided to make were lemon scones. We used this recipe. They were fun to make and delicious!



We zested. Actually, I made a lot of zest.

just call me zesty!

Just call me Zesty!

scone dough

And then we made some scone dough. It was very easy! We popped them in the oven and then magically the house began to smell like yummy lemony goodness!

lemon scones!

They cooked up perfectly! (Why have I been wasting so much money on coffee shop scones?!! These homemade ones are soooo much better!) Bug made her own mini version which actually turned out pretty good. Hers was just a little crisper, almost like a cookie.

If I had known scones were so easy to make I would have been making them for years! I could whip these things up in half an hour and they are so fresh and tasty! Someday when I have a guest room with a real bed and fresh flowers on the night stand, I will serve these to my guests in the morning.

fresh from the oven

“Good morning? Can I interest you in a freshly baked scone and a cup of coffee?”


“Why, thank you! Don’t mind if I do!”