• Jamie

    Did Bug get the V-Tech pink laptop? My little one got that for Christmas and she loves loves loves it. :) She loves singing along to “Take Me out to the Ballgame”

    SAJ says: Yes, yes she did.

  • BeachMama

    We are on a fitness kick here too, am trying to only sit down when I need to. Used to be on my feet all day long and was in much better shape. I am even typing from a high counter standing and doing squats while reading posts.

    Show us your new haircut!

  • pinky

    hee, I can hear “choose an activity” in my head because we have that laptop in orange!

    we took it on a car trip, and when he got bored with it, I played with it :-)

  • flyingbird

    I have the same problem with TJ’s bread products–at home within days they are starting to mold. I never buy them anymore.

  • Pam

    i’ve never in my life heard the expression raining pineapples, cats and dogs yes, pineapples no, maybe it’s a california thing?

  • Aunt Kathy

    Everything bagels are good with herb and garlic cream cheese – toasted! About half the day’s calories too.

  • Nila

    Everything bagle with plain cream chesse and capers. Yum! That my fave.

    We’re having lots of rain in Arizona too. People drive like if it’s actually raining pineapples around here too. We’re so rain deprived.

    I’m on a fitness kick too. We’ll see how long it lasts.