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Thanksgiving 09: The year Toby made the gravy.

Thanksgiving 09

Thanksgiving flew by and I didn’t take any photos of the kids! Shame on me. We had thanksgiving at Bethany’s this year. It was small and sweet. The funny thing is I actually found myself being mildly annoyed that I had to help out in the kitchen and stuff instead of just spending the day playing on my laptop and drinking coffee while Bethany baked something. I’m so spoiled when I go to Bethany’s. But it was really nice to share all the fun of staying at Bethany’s with my mom and dad and Toby.

Toby made a guest-star appearance in the kitchen to make his own version of gravy this year. I’ve written before how gravy is a thorn in my side when it comes to cooking and how Toby thinks it’s food of the gods and therefore I should learn the art so that I can be the best wife ever. I say phoey on that. Gravy Schmavy.

We decided to let Mr. Gravy Expert try his own hand in the kitchen instead of just spouting off about it for a change. Let me just say it was very entertaining. I have no idea what he did but it involved onions and a lot of whipping and then the gravy kept growing and growing so that eventually he had to move the whole mess into a much bigger pot. In the end, we had enough gravy to freeze and eat all year long. That may have been his motive all along since I’ve failed him so miserably.

It wasn’t exactly the best gravy I ever tasted but it wasn’t bad. It looked pretty anyway. It will however make a great defense argument for the next time he launches into his great speech on how of grease molecules glom onto flour molecules (Or was it the other way around? Can you tell I’ve heard this rant about a million times and that I make a habit of tuning it out?).

Toby felt bad about his great gravy experiment in the end but I thought the whole debacle was fantastic. There is nothing better than a little kitchen entertainment that involves the whole family. I prefer that to drunken drama any day.


  • auntie keren

    I am with you on this one….people look at me strange when I confess I can’t type. I’ve been to numerous classes; high school, college, and it never takes. I rest in knowing that there are other things I can do, by the grace of God, quite well; complete a prom dress in one day, serve dinner for 25, keep a best friend for 30 years. Being content to cultivate my limited capacity, and not beat myself up because I’m not Martha, is alot less stressful.

  • Sonja

    I was so scared of the whole flour/fat glomming thing that I actually bought back-up gravy just in case. I’m happy to report that I MADE THE GRAVY! With the scary roux and all… I was so proud of myself!

  • cc

    I made easy gravy. Turkey drippings, that my Dad seperated the grease out of, canned chicken broth, and cornstarch. Oh, and my Dad chopped up the giblets too.

    Since we brined the turkey I didn’t have to worry about seasoning anything. Somehow I ended up with the really easy jobs this year.

  • Aunt Jaynette

    Because I’m still not 100% the whole family chipped in on the cooking this year. Toby’s brother made the gravy. It wasn’t as good as mine, but good enough. Practice is all he needs. I personally think the roux is the easy part. I cook mine until it is caramel colored, stock, then a splash of milk. Not quite that easy, but almost.

  • a chris

    Just goes to show there’s a difference between theory and experiment.

    I love how the hand-turkey for Papa has six fingers. I thought it had such hand-like proportions that it must have been traced around a hand, until I counted.

    We don’t do gravy. We do jus, because my husband is French. Just kidding. He’s French-Canadian, and those poutine-lovers are just as into gravy as anyone. Kidding again, I can’t seem to help it tonight.

    It’s more of a laziness thing than anything else, for me at least. That and being away from North America (and family) for so long we don’t even do turkey.

  • Julia

    buy two jars of Boston Market gravy, add pan drippings (if no pan drippings add 1 stick of butter) and one half cup (more or less) white whine. voila ~ delicious homemade gravy!!

  • Jennifer

    Gravy still scares me and I’ve yet to attempt it. I’ve taken on a lot of different cooking challenges but gravy is the monster under the cooking bed for me. My MIL has to one up me and make chocolate gravy whenever Jeremy asks her too. Just kidding, I love when she makes chocolate gravy, it’s YUMMY.

    Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • BeachMama

    And look how at home your Dad and Toby are in Bethany’s kitchen. As much as I do love gravy, I have to admit that I just wing it most of the time, nobody has complained yet, but I did have a good teacher, who usually is present at the meal, so she may beef it up when I am not looking.

    So glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, it sure looks like it was a great day.