Guess who’s taking ballet?

Princess Twirly

I was one of those kids who never got to take ballet or gymnastics or play on a soccer team when I was little and I’ve lived my whole life bitter about it. Well, not really terribly bitter but it is true that I always always always wished I could have. At a young age I vowed to myself that when I had a little girl someday, she would have the chance to be a ballerina if she wanted to.

doing her own thing

I have fulfilled my vow. Bug is taking ballet lessons at the young age of three and a half. I stayed and watched her for her first class and let me tell you it was a barrel of laughs. I thought Bug was terrible at listening and following directions…well, her peers are just as bad. That teacher had a parade of clowns flouncing after her. I know nothing about ballet but I think they made some progress. They learned first position and how to stand on a glittery paper star on the floor. It took forty-five minutes. I can’t wait to see what they learn next week.


  • Kuky

    Oooh how fun. I think about putting Isabelle in ballet lessons whenever we see the cute little ballet outfits at Target.

  • gingermog

    Very cute, Like you, I would have loved to have dance or gym lessons or even attended girl scouts as a kid, but it never happened. I hope Bug really enjoys her ballet lessons :)

  • Gramma

    Did you ever read my “Sparkle Plenty” story about your Mom and her ballet end-of-the year performance? I’m sure I had just as much fun as she did.

  • mar

    They are too cute at that age! When my daughter was 3, we joked around that I spent $450 (tuition for the year) for my daughter to learn to skip! But they love it, and wait til they have their little recitals – OMG, too adorable!

  • dori

    Yeeks! That’s adorable. I’m so glad you’re doing this for her. For our sakes too. Can’t wait see more!!

  • Mrs. Mom

    That is soooo cute, I did ballet for years and liked it so much, I think the benefits are more than just having fun, Bug looks so cute on the ballet outfit :) Lovely pictures!

  • Maggie

    Oooh, I was never allowed to do ballet either (conservative christian parents thought it was “too worldly”) and I LONGED to. I have a two year old and I can’t wait until she’s old enough for this. Hopefully she’ll want to do it! Bug looks totally adorable… I wonder how you get anything done with such a cutie around.

  • Annika

    Next week they’ll probably learn the same thing all over again, but this time it will only take 20 minutes and then they’ll move on to second position. Oh, I loved ballet! I hope Sam is interested in dance of some kind.

  • mamalang

    When my husband was coaching soccer, I told him that keeping track of those young children was like herding cats.

    And that looks like a really fun place to be, ballet lessons or not.

  • Angelique

    How wonderful for Bug! (and for you!)… and can I say that I really love when your Gramma replies with memories of your mama, or her own motherhood. So insightful are her comments. It’s such a happy full circle your family shares, yes?

  • Melissa

    That is too adorable! I loved taking ballet as a kid, though I didn’t learn squat from it. Still, Bug will have a great time and even better memories from it.

  • Jill - GlossyVeneer

    Those pictures are great… it must be kind of nice to realize that your kid isn’t the only one that doesn’t listen! I’m sure the lessons will be pretty repetitive for a while, but probably still entertaining!

  • BeachMama

    Oh I can’t wait to send Apple to ballet! I took dance (jazz & tap) when I was much older and wished I had started earlier, my teacher kept telling my I should have. It will be great when she goes, I just hope she likes it.

  • margalit

    The first picture of Bug in her ballet costume made me roar with laughter. She is SO cute and so earnest in that picture. With her chubby little legs and those enormous black ballet shoes. To die for.