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Bug’s first preschool skit

Bug’s First Preschool Skit from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Yesterday Bug was in her first preschool skit put on for parents. I was so excited to go. Toby and I met each other to go see it and I must have looked at the time on my phone fifty times just to make sure he wasn’t late. I had a whole paragraph planned out in my head for what I would tell Bug if he was late. ‘Cause you know, these things happen. But Toby wasn’t late! He was on time and just as thrilled to be there as I was. I didn’t take any photos but I did film the whole thing. (I’m such a first-time mom.) It was 22 minutes long. I edited it down to one minute and twelve seconds just for you.

She’s the little one in purple. Also, her name is NOT “HELEN-na.” Poor kid. She’s going to get this her entire life. What were we thinking? Her real name is actually pronounced “ha-LAY-na” but just keep calling her “Bug” on this blog. Thanks.


  • Annika

    It really cracks me up that they put Bug next to the tallest girl. What were they thinking?!

    SAJ says: I know! I’m thinking the older girl was there to keep Bug in line. Ha ha! She is the youngest in her class due to my over-active parental suggestions that they move her up. But I think she’s fine. She’ll always be short. Her grandma (Toby’s mom) is only five feet and I was always the shortest in my class until I turned 12.

  • greta

    I can’t watch the video yet either, but wanted to sympathize on the name thing. We named our daughter Leanor, and totally thought we were geniuses. It’s easy to pronounce in many languages, it’s phonetic, it’s unusual and slightly old-fashioned without being ridiculous. Great, right? Except that everyone calls her Lenore, Lenora, Leonora, etc. What were we thinking? :)

  • Elda @ Peace-inthe-Storm.com

    See, I always read names in SPANISH first (being bilingual) so of course I knew it was pronounced, HA-LAY-NA. She is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing it with us. I absolutely positively LOVED the “scared” hand motions. FREAKING ADORABLE.

  • Katie

    Lurker here! Your daughter is so cute! I’ve been so interested in the preschool thing, I went to preschool and loved it but many people I know choose to keep their kids home. It is so good to see there are people loving it out there! Anyways, we named our baby boy Raleigh and it’s always mispronounced “Rally” instead of Rah-lee. Weird? I’m starting to think I didn’t know how to pronounce it in the first place! lol

  • Britt

    The woman who mis-pronounced her name isn’t the same one who tried to give you a Bug diagnosis that day, is she? Because if so . . . Sheesh.

    Congratulations on having the cutest in a crowd of cuties!

  • cc

    I’m hijacking your computer next time I see you so I can watch the whole 22 minutes.

    Give Bug a hug and a kiss, tell her I love her and that she did a great job.

  • bethany actually

    I feel your pain. The reason we didn’t spell Annalie’s name “Annalee” is because we didn’t want people calling her “Anna-LEE” because that’s not her name. It’s “ANNA-lee,” with the same inflection as “Emily” but SO MANY PEOPLE mess it up…including her own grandpa and many of her aunts and uncles. Sigh.

  • Calee

    Super cuteness! I still haven’t made a final preschool decision, but that little play just gave your school big points.

  • Kuky

    I watched the video first without reading the post and I got so confused. I thought, “what? have I somehow been mispronouncing Bug’s name all this time?” :)

    And the video was adorable. I almost want it to be longer because I didn’t want the cuteness to end.

  • Jess

    Yay, Bug! Nice job. (And Ha-LAY-na is a beautiful name. I’m glad you picked it.) We chose Eleanor thinking no one could make fun of it. Her best friend calls her “Ellie-Belly.” She’s also been called Ellie-phant. (She’s little like Bug.)

  • Jen

    I noticed her name a while back on a gift or something that you had a photo of – I just assumed it was ha-LAY-na. It’s just prettier. And suits her :)

    The skit is great! Very cute.

  • margalit

    Try having a Gemma. Not a hard g. A soft G. Like Jemma. No, not Jenna. Gemma.
    G. E. M. M. A. How freaking hard is that?

    WAY too hard, evidentally. And you wouldn’t believe what people do with MY name. Last three letters are not lit like a candle is lit. It’s LEET. Foreign language, people.

    Bug is so adorable. I could eat her up with whipped cream on top!

  • BeachMama

    So, now I feel badly that I always thought her name was pronounced the first way, but I will tell myself the proper way and know it, just in case we ever meet.

    And that was just so adorable. J never had any of that at his preschool nor at his school now. For both his Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes they never did any skits or singing or anything like that. I just hope that next year he gets to perform something in Grade 1 even if he has to join the choir. Although I should clarify that he has a soundtrack for life, he is singing or talking ALL DAY LONG.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    That is adorable. She did well! There were a couple of dancers up there that were really getting into it, which I thought was hilarious (you know my “meeting” background well) but adorable!

    I am so glad you corrected how they said her name for us here on your blog, I was so confused! That would drive me crazy to hear them say it wrong and I think I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from correcting them. I’m a name nut.

  • karen

    Try naming your kid Lars. He is always called, “Lars? What kind of name is that?” at first. Apparently, nobody has ever heard of Sweden, or names that come from there.

    Bug’s play is SO cute! Looks like it was an impressive production for a nursery school, too, even if the teachers are a bit slow to learn the names of their charges. :)

  • mamalang

    She is so freaking cute. That is all.

    Except, my first name is Tamara. Rhymes with Camera. My Maiden name was Sherrill. Pronounced like Cheryl. In ealy elementary school, I won some award, and they called Tamaira Sherreeel and I sat there looking around for her. Cause that wasn’t my name. The teacher kept nudging me and it took them saying it 2 more times before I realized they were simply butchering my name. LOL

  • Jennifer

    I’ve never seen Bug so reserved, haha! That was adorable B!

    I always thought of the capital of Montana so I never heard Bug’s name in my head as HELEN NA.

    I thought she did really good for her first live performance.

  • erika

    I have friends new and old that still spell my name every which way BUT e-r-i-k-a. Don’t stick a c-k combo in there. You’re not slick people. :) Still getting used to the new last name but I wanted that, change is never easy for me. Same initials though.

    Ahh, names are fun. *rolls eyes*

  • Jennifer W.

    So cute! I can’t wait for Avelyn’s first “show”. Speaking of Avelyn, no one ever gets her name right. They call her Evelyn, AVAlyn and AveLYNN, which I hate most of all. It’s okay to mess it up once, but after I tell you how to say it, freaking say it right people. Ugh. The worst is my MIL and SIL who call her A-vuh-LYNN. I want to punch them in the face. Idiots. Bug’s real name is super cute :)

  • bianca

    She is just too stinkin’ cute!!! I love the song they were singing. I have to admit that it brought a little tear of joy to my eyes. Very sweet.

    No one could ever pronounce my name growing up. Bi-ank-uh and Buh-non-ka would be the most common pronunciations that I would hear. Come on people who would name their child that?! Besides I think one of them was a breath freshener.

  • Lady in a Smalltown

    I remember a while back you played a video of her saying her own name. Shouldn’t her teachers know how to say her name?

    I’ve always thought I had a great name, Dawn. But you would not believe how often I am “Don”, “Donna”, and “How do you spell that?”. Duh, people it is a NOUN and a VERB!

    We just (May 16) named our little guy, Jackson. I actually saw it spelled Jaxson not too long ago, which to me is Jacks-son.

    What were her lines? All I could really understand was the 1-2-3 at the end. I couldn’t understand most of the kids, so I am not trying to disparage little Bug.