Bug’s first preschool skit

Bug’s First Preschool Skit from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Yesterday Bug was in her first preschool skit put on for parents. I was so excited to go. Toby and I met each other to go see it and I must have looked at the time on my phone fifty times just to make sure he wasn’t late. I had a whole paragraph planned out in my head for what I would tell Bug if he was late. ‘Cause you know, these things happen. But Toby wasn’t late! He was on time and just as thrilled to be there as I was. I didn’t take any photos but I did film the whole thing. (I’m such a first-time mom.) It was 22 minutes long. I edited it down to one minute and twelve seconds just for you.

She’s the little one in purple. Also, her name is NOT “HELEN-na.” Poor kid. She’s going to get this her entire life. What were we thinking? Her real name is actually pronounced “ha-LAY-na” but just keep calling her “Bug” on this blog. Thanks.