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Happy Birthday Bethany!

little flowers

Bethany‘s birthday was yesterday and it was super fun, of course. Why wouldn’t it be? Well, let me tell you. Things got off to a bit of a rough start.

I woke up early, with the intention of making a surprise breakfast of chocolate pancakes (i.e., occupy the crack-of-dawn—loving kids while the birthday girl got to sleep in a bit) but then I proceeded to break the Actuallys’ garbage disposal.

“Hey look! I made some foul-smelling bubbling coffee-ground water for you! Happy Birthday!”

I guess a broken garbage disposal isn’t going to ruin somebody’s birthday but I have some history with possessed garbage disposals. I had visions of hand-washing dirty dishes in the bathtub and waiting around all day for a plumber to show up. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

To make matters worse, I think Bug woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Every little thing set her off. Who knew that making pancakes could be such an ordeal? I pretty much wanted to order a do-over and go back to bed.

Then Bethany woke up early. At seven o’clock or something obscene. Bethany is not a morning person. She was not supposed to wake up early. I hadn’t even started the kids on the surprise banner we were going to make. Coffee wasn’t brewing. Everything was going to hell in a handbasket.

Bethany took it in stride of course. Maybe she just wasn’t really awake. She said Troy would fix the garbage disposal later and we went about our business, which meant that Bethany finished making the pancakes and made her own coffee. So much for my birthday surprise.


Then Bethany chipped her favorite mug while she was hand-washing it and we started to think the day was cursed. What next, a car wreck? We had a day full of activities planned but I was beginning to feel like it would be too dangerous to leave the house.

me and Bethany

green bagel!

Good thing I don’t really believe in bad luck. Things got MUCH better after lunch. Bethany chose to go to Einstein Bros Bagels (a favorite of hers) and that went over really well with everyone. Bagels for lunch! A green bagel sandwich did much to improve Bug’s mood. Plus, my mom, sister-in-law and nieces joined us there and that meant that all the kids started having fun exponentially.

cc and ba

The cool thing about Bethany’s birthday (or not-so-cool depending on how you look at it) is that much of the fun of the day was for everyone and not just the birthday girl. My personal take on it is that when the kids are happy, everybody is happy but I think Bethany is the type of person who just really likes to share her fun with others.

clue number 1

racing for the clues

Bethany and I set up a treasure hunt the night before for the kids and that was a blast beyond our hopes. It probably took us two hours to draw all the clues and hide them around the house but when all four of these kids got together, they blew through the clues like a wildfire. Their glee was contagious. If anyone is looking for something to do with a group of four kids, I can’t recommend a treasure hunt enough. The prizes were silly dollar items from a local import store but you’d think they were hunting for real pirates’ gold based on their enthusiasm.

cupcake frosting school


Next up was cupcake decorating. Guess who made the cupcakes? Bethany. Of course. They were sooooooo good. Lemon cheesecake cupcakes are my absolute new favorite favorite cupcake now. If I ever end up dying of something and someone asks me what I’d like my last meal to be, I will pick lemon cheesecake cupcakes. They were divine.


Unlike Bethany, when my birthday comes around I will be completely selfish and special-request a dozen of them from my number-one cake-baking friend (aka Bethany).

best birthday cupcakes ever

Too bad Bethany isn’t starting up a catering business. She’d be a gazillionaire.

everybody hug Bethany!

So anyway, the day was super fantastic. I wish Bethany celebrated her birthday every day. I don’t know why I was so worried about the garbage disposal ruining everything. Troy fixed it in about five seconds and everything was fine. All I can say is, all’s well that ends well.

Happy Birthday Lewus, may you have many many many more years of happy birthdays! (Heh, heh. If that isn’t a selfish comment, I don’t know what is.)


  • bethany actually

    Aw, thanks Hugh! :-) It really did seem like everything was going wrong for a while there, but that just made things more interesting. And it was a super fun day! Thanks for helping me celebrate!

  • Gayle

    Happy Birthday, Bethany!!!

    Oh, I used to set up treasure hunts for my kids. They were so much fun! Thank you for reminding me!

  • BeachMama

    I love the photo of the two of you!! I am so happy to read that Bethany’s birthday was so much fun and was spent with wonderful friends. Thanks for sharing SAJ, I am sure you will get the opportunity to make her breakfast again very soon.

  • Gramma

    Sorry I lost your e-mail address. Please send it again. There were two really neat stories this week. I’ll save the paper for youl

    Memory verse is: 1 John 4:14

  • pinky

    how wonderful! sounds like everyone had a grand time.

    those cupcakes are adorable and bug’s dress is so mod, I love it :-)

  • Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

    Hey there! Thanks for the comments =) It’s totally understandable that you’d be a little partial to Forrest. He’s recently discovered that if he yowls at us, we’ll lift him up onto whatever surface he wants.

    There’s been alot of yowling chez nous of late lol.

    I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to respond to your e-mail last night. It’s on today’s checklist.

  • Jennifer

    Awwww, what a great fun sharing birthday bash! Sounds like everyone had a great time and you were able to shake off the rough patches. Happy Birthday Bethany!!

    PS Bethany could you please start a homemade treat of the month club? I would join in a heartbeat!

  • maizzy

    Happy Birthday Bethany!

    Lovely cupcakes… yum cheesecake… Wow, such a great teacher… Sorry to hear that it started out on the wrong side but the tide turned in the end and that’s all that matters… :)

  • Anna-b-bonkers

    Oh my gosh, the cupcakes and bagels, my mouth is watering!
    I am glad the day turned out, it looked so fun!!
    I think you being there was a big enough gift, you are so silly, not selfish!