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Onesies and calendars and movies, oh my!

cutest box

Today is your lucky day! I have stuff to give away! First up is an adorable onesie from the very kind folks at Miminko Apparel. They bought an ad on my site and then sent this super-cute chocolate-brown onesie to me to give away to one of my readers. Smart marketers, those Miminko people.

Cute lamas! I mean alpacas!

It’s made with 100% certified-organic cotton and it has alpacas on it! Do you know what an alpaca is? I didn’t. It’s sort of like a llama but not. The onesie is size 12-18 months which is NOT Bug’s size or else I might have been tempted to keep it. I am tempted to keep the box though and be cheap and mail out the onesie in a soft envelope. The box is so cool. You should enter to win this contest for the box alone. I’m all about packaging.

So if you’d like to win this onesie just leave me a comment saying so and I will fairly pick somebody as a winner and then send it out to you. (I’ll probably call on my good friend Bethany to pick the winner because she’s very fair and orderly about such things, unlike me. I would probably pick whoever left the funniest comment. That isn’t very fair because I know it’s nearly impossible to be funny under pressure.


November Calendar

Next up: Calendars! Download your FREE November pdf here and your FREE December pdf here. I might make a better December calendar later. I’ve been recycling my banner art to make the calendars and I haven’t made my December banner yet so I just threw something else on there. I wasn’t going to put up a December calendar but I figure the holidays are so crazy you’re probably going to need December already. I know I do. Those little boxes are filling up fast.

December Calendar

Regarding those little boxes. I know they are not super big. I wish they were bigger but I can’t fit them and my illos on there if I make them any bigger. So we compromise. I recommend getting a super super fine pen. This one is my favorite. Make sure you get the .28. It’s super super fine and most excellent in quality.

There you go! Happy Free Stuff Day!

painting and a wiggles joke from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

Oh! I almost forgot. I also have a new movie for the Bug fans. There’s a joke at the end that I think is hilarious. But you’ll have to click through to vimeo to get my explanation.


  • Nikkapotamus

    I meant to leave a comment the other day with your calendar post. I LOVE your calendars. Such a cute idea. I can’t wait to download these two months!
    Also, that onesie is the cat’s pajamas. Go Mimeko for giving a freebie. I’m expecting a new little person this year and that would be so cute.

  • Tracy

    I would so very much love the onesie. My SIL is pregnant with her first, and I know she’d love the llamas. I’m going over to the Mimeko site now to shop!


  • Michelle

    Yes please – I am expecting my second in february and this would be perfect so he doesn’t have to wear all hand-me-downs.

  • Calee

    Oh that’s so cute!! My parents had an alpaca for a short time, I think when I was in college. Did you know they have really awful underbites so some people file their teeth. Our alpaca- he just looked like an upside-down bugs bunny.

    Anyhow, I’d love to win. It might fit Audrey, it would fit baby #2 if we ever get that to happen or I could give it away. So many choices!

  • Karen

    Is it bad to tell you that I am addicted to Uni-ball Signo pens? Too bad you are not giving them away! But I do love the tee shirt. My cousin is having a boy soon and this would be a great shower gift. They did not have such cool things when I had my boy 14 years ago.

  • jo

    It’d be cool to win the onesie, it would be great for my boy, he can grow into it! and if I do, you can keep the box since you like it :) Cos shipping it to Singapore would be killer.

  • Liana

    oooh, ooo… I love alpachas. In fact, 2-neighbors down from my parents, there is an alpacha farm.
    This will fit my lil’ one this spring!
    pick me, pick me.

  • jacquie

    Thanks so much for the calanders!!! They are sooo cute. I’ll be the only one on my block to have one. I dont need the onesie but it’s gorgeous!!!!!

  • dana

    My little guy is almost 4 months old and growing at an amazing rate! He is starting to outgrow his 9 month clothes and is almost into the 12 month range – so, of course this would be so perfect for him!! Please, please pick us!!

  • Susan

    The calendars are adorable! I can’t wait to print one out for my desk. Much better than the calendar my office gives us…B-O-R-I-N-G!
    Love the onesie…I have a new adopted niece arriving from China this Saturday and she will be the perfect size for the onesie come December. Its their first baby in 5 years! Their first baby was born 8 weeks early because she had cancer. They decided to adopt after that…its so neat! And yes TMI. =)

  • Audrey

    I don’t currently have a child who will fit that onesie…but hope to in say…9 – 12 months! And, you can keep the box.

    Thanks for the great give-away and calendar, too.

  • Angella

    Have you not seen The Emporer’s New Groove? BB would love it :)

    I am past the onesie stage (as you well know), but LOVE the calendar. You truly are the best.

  • Siegby

    Wow! I can’t believe all the responses for the onesie give away!
    Although I’m not sure which is a bigger hit – the onesie or the box!
    I should mention that the boxes will be FREE from Thanksgiving to the end of December (of course you’d have to buy something to put in the box… ;)

    Thank you Secret Agent Josephine for promoting us!

    -Siegby at Miminko

  • moo

    I want the onesie! Of course, my two year old would NEVER fit into it. But! Luckily! I am totally KTFU! (knocked the … you get it. right?) So baby2 will fit PERFECTLY in that cozy little sweet thing.

    (also … LOVING the calendars. Keep up the awesome work!!)

  • Kirsten

    Oh what a cute onesie! Perfect for my big baby Barrett (age=7 months, clothing size=12-18 mos). And of course you should keep the box!

    I have a daughter about the same age as Bug and I really enjoy reading about your days with her, especially all the art projects. Thanks for all of the excellent writing and photos. :-)

  • Melissa

    Why? Because 7,8,9? Hahaha
    I may have to use that on my husband the next time he asks ‘why’…it’ll perplex him long enough for me to think of a reason at least.

  • Michelle W.

    I just found your website through Bethany Actually!! I love your site and the calendars are amazing…I’m printing up November and December for my fridge right now!

  • Mrs. Porkchop

    I got spit on by an alpaca once. It sucked. I also have an adorable one year old red head who looks darling in brown.

  • junebug

    Oh, I love alpacas!! (Well, I love alpaca fur anyway… I have some cute things I bought in Peru that are made from alpaca fur.) Back on subject though, I’d love to win that sweet onsie for my baby girl!

  • Michele

    Maybe the cutest onesie I’ve seen. My friend is having her baby on Sunday at noon. She and the baby (we don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet) would LOVE this!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my little guy would look oh-so-cute in the alpaca onesie. My daughter can spend her time trying out the many fun crafts we love to do on your site. My son can stand by looking super-cute in the chocolate onesie. I love your site! Thanks!

  • Joy

    My baby son, Griffin, would look adorable in the onsie you are giving away!! He needs it for the VERY cold Wisconsin winter.

  • Jennifer

    Chocolately baby clothing, wheeeee!!! :) Please do not enter me in the contest. As much as I find that onesie completely adorable I am done diddy done done with the baby makin’

    Audrey and I loved that Bug video. If you could teach Bug to sing On the Good Ship Lollipop I will die and go to heaven. Then I’ll come back with some answers to a lot of questions :) :) :)

  • Kate the Spinner

    I know what an alpaca is!!! I am a spinner and make yarn out of their amazing hypoallergenic and super soft fur! I would love to win this onesie!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    I love BabyBug’s singing! My little bug will sing her heart out if she thinks no one is listening. The second you compliment her, sing along or break out the camera she clams up. Silly! Her baby sister (who is not so shy about making a racket) would love that adorable onesie!

  • Anonymous

    miss b the one year old says i love brown clothes because i can crawl around in our salad bowl/dirt garden which is my very favorite thing. she’s trying to help me type this…t..g ghv fgtg d d vg ccccccccccccn c vr vbgrfz – you can translate, i think she typed i love alpacas………