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    Calendar Schmalendar

    working on a calendar

    Blast it! I was all set to write a post about calendars and two things have gone wrong. First of all I’ve decided I don’t need to make and sell calendars. I can just make a free monthly pdf that people can print out. Free is good. I haven’t given away anything free in a long time.

    Second, I took up Bug’s entire nap time talking on the phone and creating these calendars that I’m not going to print after all. Ugh. This is how my time goes. So now I am typing madly, trying to get a post up while she is awake. I gave her a huge supply of beads and pipe cleaners. Hopefully that will be enough to keep her occupied for at least two more paragraphs.

    April 2009

    I think this is what I will do. A simple 8.5×11 that you can print out on your home computer. Does that work for everyone? Are the squares big enough? Any bigger and I’d have to get rid of my side illos which completely defeats my purpose. I’m sure there is a calendar generator program for just squares and numbers.

    But wouldn’t it be cool if I could make this?:

    Grand Central Fridge Station

    It’s a grand central station fridge calendar! I don’t know about you but I put everything that is important on my refrigerator. I look at it every day. The kitchen is my office now that Bug’s clothes have slowly taken over the closet in her room that used to be my office. I’ve had change out drawers of plastic bags and my sippy cup stash and now they hold paper and computer cables and all my little office odds and ends. You do what you gotta do.

    But I don’t think I can produce this grand calendar idea affordably. It would involve too much binding and cutting and glue-sticky stuff. It could be done but right now I don’t have enough capital to invest in such a hair-brained idea.

    So pdf’s it is! And now I need to go pick up five-thousand beads off the floor and make a lasagna. It’s another day in the life of SAJ. Tomorrow a giveaway!