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    I lack the time to make this post better…

    the girl

    Hi guys. Remember me? Of course you do. I guess it’s only been a day or two but I feel like I’ve been gone from this site for a while. Remember those days when I blogged about e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g? Poems about shoes…sigh. I miss those days. I think the reason I feel like it’s been ages is because I’ve been wanting to blog about stuff for ages but every time I sit down to type, I am foiled by the evil toddler or my need for sleep. Both of them are insufferable.

    Bug is not so evil. She’s actually pretty great but she’s taking up a lot of my time, as she should of course. We are in the throes of threedom. Even though she isn’t even three, I can feel it. In my family we don’t suffer from the terrible twos. We get the terrible threes and Bug is advanced (of course) so she is getting the terrible threes when she is two months away from being three.

    mommy's feet

    I had a really really long rant here about potty training and public temper tantrums and my inability to come up with appropriate punishment on the fly (don’t worry, no small toddlers have been harmed by walloping flip flops) but I read it and thought it was way too whiney raw to put out there on the internet so I deleted it. I’m sorry. Maybe another day when I have more time to put it in better words. In the meantime, feel free to give me advice on how to raise a strong-willed child. I’m all ears.

    mommy and daddy are ignoring me

    p.s. Bottom two photos by Bug, of course.