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Jaynette’s Virtual Craft Show

for the kids

Hi Guys. I have some business to take care of. I don’t think you’ll mind. It’s for a very good cause. You see those cute kids up there in their sporty running gear? It’s for them and their mom who I am very fond of. I know the cute boy is not smiling but that is probably because his feet are cold and wet from running in the rain. Or maybe he’s pissed because his mom chopped his feet off when she took the photo. Either way, I assure you he is not the surly type. He is very sweet. You can even see him playing around with Bug in this movie.

Anyway, these kids are Bug’s other cousins. The ones that don’t get blogged about very much because they live all the way up in Oregon where it rains all the time. Their mom, Jaynette (pronounced Janet), is very crafty. She made all the bags for my alphabet cards. She’s also made us some very cute hats and fingerless gloves over the years. Lately she’s become very involved in crafting and etsy. She even had booths reserved for two craft fairs.

Then her kids went and decided to be very good at sports. You can check her blog for details…something about making the team and attending sporting events all the way in Virginia. Personally, I’m not surprised at all. Athleticism runs in the Ponnay family. Toby can sit around all day in front of his computer and never work out and still wind me running up a hill after I’ve worked out every day for a year. It’s in their bones or something. They are very light but strong. Toby’s brother, George, almost made it to the Olympics back in the day for pommel horse I think.

Because those cute kids are so good at sports and Jaynette is a very good mom, she put her craft fair (that she had been looking forward to for months!) on hold and took her kids to their track meets. She was pretty bummed about it. In order to cheer her up, I agreed to help her with a virtual craft fair on the internet instead. How about that? Want to play along?

You don’t have to buy anything. No pressure. Just poke around her site. Leave a comment and let her know that her kids are so very worth it. Look at her flickr pictures (bears in hats and little keychain wallet thingys woo hoo!). If you see anything you’d like shoot her an email and she’ll put it in her shop. She does custom orders too, even for picky people like me. Christmas is right around the corner and homemade is the new bright and shiny!

And also we modeled for you:

saj gloves

Cool stripey fingerless gloves! (though I don’t think she has these exact version available right now)

snowballs in Southern California

Also in this photo: snowballs by Bethany! (We might as well plug her shop too! She’s even selling the pattern!)

us and gumball

And of course Baby Bug’s FAVORITE hat. She has several but this is the only one she’ll wear. We love it. You can have one too!

my little pocket purse


too sexy for my purse


Thanks everybody! I appreciate you taking a gander. I’ll be back tomorrow with more of the usual…I need your help designing a calendar!