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Painting with Coffee! Wheeeee!

all tied up and ready to go!

Look what I’ve been up to! Coffee painting! Woooohooo! Combining two of my favorite things! It’s like working in a bar if you are an alcoholic! Not really but it is fun for people like me who loooooooove their coffee.

I’ve seen coffee painting before around lots of places. (Maybe even in that Mr. Clean ad over there on the right?) It’s a fun medium to play with. It’s great for aging effects and washes. Just like tea and onion skins. I haven’t experimented that much yet. I’m sure there are ways to get deeper, richer, long-lasting color. (Wow. That sounds like a make-up advertisement.) But for now I just did some funny little water color line drawings.

Coffee Cards

painting with coffee!

Baby Bug thought it was fun too. But then what part of “mess” does she not think is fun? We splattered and splotched. We tried shaking salt on the coffee-paint and that worked great. Same effect you get with water-color. Then she dumped my coffee and it was no big thing because I dump my coffee all the time! This time I didn’t have to scramble to save my artwork because drips and drops only made it better.

just a few cards

Writing captions was pretty fun too. Maybe this is the perfect art for me. Coffee, drawing, writing and selling…all the things I love to do best!

I put the ARrrrrrrr! in ART

…in moderation, of course.