• The Chatty Housewife

    She is getting so big and talking so much! She was just a baby when I (sort of) met you two at conference. I love the line “butterflies are good to suck on” or at least that’s what I think she said. I love the ending where she is just lined with pacifiers, very cute!

  • Michelle

    Baby Bug, you are sooooo cute and soooo smart too :o) Brenda, she is just too cute for words :o) I love reading all of the guests posts, but miss you too! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

  • Becca

    Thanks for sharing her cuteness with us! Her skinny legs in those denim shorts remind me so much of my baby’s little sticks. I have truly enjoyed the guests posts, but I’m really looking forward to your return. I hope your sabbatical has been everything you needed it to be.

  • Mama Zookeeper

    Aw, Baby Bug my little monkey will be so happy to see your video tomorrow. He loves to chat, make marker nails and have his memes too. Most of all he loves to watch videos of his online friends. Thanks for filling in for mommy. =)

  • Emomily

    That is 2 minutes 10 seconds of adorable. I *love* the closing bit with all of her binkies. BTW, I covet the yellow purse I saw in the background.

  • bethany actually

    This video was totally cute enough that I don’t mind missing out on the hijacking at all. ;-) (And won’t THAT sound cryptic to anyone else who’s reading this comment!)

  • Karen

    OMG – that is so adorable. The binkies bring back memories. I thought I was the only that had like 10 binkies in my kids bed. What a relief. Noah’s binkies said bye bye about four months ago. He turned three and that was that. Baby Bug is delicious, I would love to meet her in person.

  • Jennifer

    I could listen to her talk all day. I love hearing what’s going on inside the mind of a toddler. Seeing her sleep was so touching. Audrey has 5 “me-me’s” in bed with her right now as she sleeps, including one that she stole from Molly (they use different kinds).

    The Nutella face was my favorite part :)

  • Kuky

    That was adorable. I liked the end where she’s surrounded by pacifiers. Isabelle wanted to watch it over and over again. I think we watched it 5 times!

  • Ashlee

    Im so surprised you actually used her name. I guess its just her growing up and growing into her own identity. That was a very sweet video and I love her name.

    SAJ says: I’m never terribly consistent but my intent to keep her name off my blog was just to cut down on google hits. I don’t want her to turn 20-something and have her name all over the internet. I’ll let her do that on her own…

  • GenE Shockley

    Babybug seriously needs a small jar of green olives (hey, her favorite color) stuffed with pimentos. She can suck out/eat the pimentos and stick the olives on all her fingers.


  • Jennie

    I could listen to toddlers talk all day long. I guess that’s because I don’t actually HAVE a toddler? How could you ever get sick of it, though? She’s so adorable.

  • Ninabi

    My heart is melting. She’s so bright and so tiny! I was surprised at all the things she has to say and how well she says them.

    I miss that age so very much, that time when they are still so little and the world is still
    such a fresh and exciting place and all those ideas and thoughts and words just come tumbling out of a little person who was just a baby not so very long ago.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with us. I loved it.

  • Kaili

    I LOVE this, SO sweet! “No, they are just my finger nails!” I use to do that when I was little too!!
    BB is SO fun! Can we come over for a playdate? We’ll be there in a couple days, if we drove that is. Haha!

    Your voice is SO not how I pictured it. Not that you can picture voices, but it’s so pretty!

  • leslie

    can it get any cuter????
    absolutely adorable!!!!
    and i agree with the other commenters:your voice is very pleasing to the ear! one of my prejudice about americans is that they have loud and very annoying voices…..
    thank you for teaching me better!