love, Bug

Hi Guys!

Now you see me.

Guess who this is? Nope, it’s not my mommy. It’s ME, Baby Bug!! I think everyone should call me regular old Bug since I’m not a baby anymore. I’m BIG! But what does my opinion mean round here? Nothing! My mom never even lets me use her computer. That is why I am stealing it for just-a-MINit.


Anyway! Have you missed meeeeeeeeeee?!!! Have you been wondering how I’m been doing while my mom was off abandoning me and going to parties? She didn’t even bring me back any birthday CAKE. I WUV birthday cake. I think my birthday is coming up soon. Maybe tomorrow. Mommy says it’s after Christmas, whenever that is. Do you want to come to my party? We can make a GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN cake!

I’m growing bigger and taller. I’m practically a grown-up. I can count to sixteen or seventeen. Sometimes I forget a number or two but I can basically count that high. I can also write the letter “H” all by myself! That’s the first letter of my real name. But I can’t tell you what my real name is because that is a SEEEEECRET!!!!! Hee hee!

ALSO! Did you know I can do a summersault?! I CAN!!! REally! I’m totally a gymnast. I tuck my head and roll and then I land smack on my back. I’m always trying to get my mom to do summersaults too but she’s a wimp! I also like to JUMP JUMP JUMP! I’m the jumping queen.

When I’m not jumping I like to watch TEEEEEEE BEEEEEEEEE! Sometimes I jump on the couch and watch teebee at the same time though. I WUV Wow Wow Wubzy. Wubzy is my FABORITE! My faborite movie is Wall-E. I l wuv Wall-E and EVA. Do you want to play with me? You can be Eva and I’ll be Wall-E. Click Click whirr whirr. That’s my eyeballs moving like Wall-E. We can hold hands.

Do you wanna collect leaves with me Mommy?

Make your hand like a pincher. Kind of like a crab but with all your fingers together. That’s how Eva makes her hand. See! You did it!

Awwww. You’re so sweet. You are my BEST Fwend. Okay, gotta go!