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    Road Trip Warrior


    We made it! I can’t even believe it myself. It wasn’t the easiest road trip I have ever taken. Not because of the long hours stuck in cramped quarters but purely because of the close proximity of my ear to my toddler’s full volume constant squealing. It was BAD. I think I lost my mind. You all can leave your heart in San Francisco but I’ll be singing about leaving my mind in the San Fernando Valley.


    I guess two-and-a-half is the official age that children stop sleeping the whole way during long drives. (And NO we did not give them caffeine in their starbucks drinks you see there.) Either that or Baby Bug was so wound up because she got to sit right next to her favorite cousin that she decided with her super-strength willpower that she didn’t need to sleep. But she really really really did need a nap. By the time 3 o’clock came around, we were at the point where she was crying because the sky was blue.

    Part of me has been wondering if bringing her on this trip was the wisest thing to do. She loves her cousins and she loves her Grandma so I know she will have a good time while I am off in San Francisco having my own good time BUT could she be any more difficult right now? Who is this devil spawn that I have created? Is it normal for the child to be the one in charge? I seriously have doubted my sanity in the last 24 hours.

    to Blogher or Bust

    My mom assures me that Baby Bug is nothing like this when I am not around. Apparently all the rebellion is for my benefit only and when I am gone she is back to her old angel self. I will just have believe them and rest on the fact that I know my mom and my friend Susan (who we are staying with during the conference) are very capable loving guardians for my little Tasmanian devil.

    I know this apprehension to leave Baby Bug in the care of another is mostly my own personal fear. I know I am the one who is struggling and not Baby Bug. She’ll wave goodbye and maybe cry for me for about two minutes at nap time and bed time but other than that she probably won’t miss me a bit. I’ll be the one checking my watch and calling every hour on the hour.

    backseat co-pilot

    But I’ll also be the one with a little spring in her step because, Wheeeee! I have eight hours to spend on my own for the first time in TWO AND A HALF YEARS!!!!