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digging my way out

home and buried

I’m home! Home at a last. Of course I’m completely overwhelmed with all the catching up I have to do. If I thought I had a lot of blogs to read before, now I am steamrolled! I met so many people that I desperately want to keep in touch with. It’s going to be impossible. Not to mention my real life is going to steamroll me too.

Right now as I type this (and the munchkin is sleeping blessedly), the mail is cascading off the edge of the dining room table and onto the floor, dishes are stacked a mile high in the sink (thank you Toby), the floor is vacuumed (also thank you Toby but this time not sarcastically), my motley crew of bulging tote bags and stuffed suitcases are sitting in the other room plotting a riot. The cats are noisy and begging for more food. The refrigerator is bare and the milk is going bad. I think my laptop is dying from over-use and too many photos. So I need to spend about a thousand hours processing photos, uploading them and then putting them somewhere else so my laptop can breath again.

I think I’ve been gone too long.

long car rides are HARD

Was it worth it? YESSSSSSS! Toby says I need to write a long debriefing post linking everyone I met and be done with it. I don’t know about all that linking, I’ve probably lost half the cards I collected, but he is right. I do. I know I’ve already been searching the internet over to see what people have been saying about me and they’ve been saying nice stuff. (Everyone is SO NICE!!!) So I need to make an effort to do the same. It’s just going to take a while because I need to peel myself up off the floor and walk around like Flat Stanley getting stuff done.


  • Red Sonja

    This makes me think of my friend who is regularly up to her eyeballs. On days like yours she says, “let me go – I”m going to go zamboney the house!” As in quickly plowing through and picking things up in an effort to smooth it all over – I just love that verb ever since she’s said it! Good luck!!

  • sizzle

    Everyone is so nice because YOU are so nice. Like anyone could say a bad thing about SAJ. Pshaw!

    Fantastic to meet you finally in person.

  • amy

    You were one of those folks I was so excited to meet. Yr adorable, witty, fun, and fabulous! I loved ya!
    it was so awesome- I am so in for next year!

  • Diana

    Segue from Blogher, but a good idea: we made a book of photos for my grandma with a “flat grandma”. Far flung (and some rarely seen) kids grandkids and great grandkids included “flat grandma” with them on their daily adventures and documented it in photos. Then we put it together for her and she loved it!

  • Rhi

    You guys were gone a LONG time. But, I am so glad that I got to meet you – you can keep your bags in my room anytime!

  • BeachMama

    How awesome that you had so much fun. I can just imagine how overwhelming it could be to meet so many people. I hope you can get everything sorted out at home soon. I know I can’t function properly until everything is away from after a trip.

  • K

    All the BlogHer stuff I’ve read makes it sound like a blast. I can’t wait to see your pictures and read your stories. Glad you had a nice trip.

  • Kaili

    Can’t wait to see the photo/linky update!
    It sure looked like most people had fun! I hope to be there next year. See ya then! mmm-kay?

  • Jennifer

    I love Flat Stanley :) Good lucking getting things in order. I hate going away for any length of time because coming home and getting back to normal is tough. For me laundry is always the one thing that feels the hardest to catch up on.

    I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.