Bug,  Tis the Season

Feeling Festive!


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. I think I’m finally finding my Christmas groove. As you know, I didn’t grow up with Christmas so all this decorating and candy-cane eating is a little foreign to me. For years I’ve been fascinated with it but never really felt like I got it. I understand people like to make things cozy and festive but where do you store all this crap when Christmas is over? That’s been my biggest hang up.

This year we are not spending Christmas at home. That means no tree. The tree is the best part for me. It’s big and pretty and it smells divine! I LOVE fresh tree smell! The best part for me though is that when Christmas is over, you can just throw it away! No storage dilemmas!

I don’t mean to be environmentally irresponsible or anything. I know there are all kinds of politics about recycling trees, planting them or using something fake over and over BUT I just love a real tree! Someday I will have a yard and I will plant my real trees. I’ll have groves of them when I’m old. But right now I’m all for making the landfill smell a little better. Please don’t kill me!

decked hall

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about decorating our house a little bit because it’s fun and we’re here right up until Christmas anyway. We aren’t actually leaving to spend the holidays up north until the night before or something. So why live in a boring old apartment when you can walk to the Christmas tree lot down the street and bring home some branches!

Toby thinks I am a nut

Yes! There is a Christmas tree lot within walking distance of my house! How fun is that? Baby Bug and I had a lot of fun there the other night poking around in the rain and bringing home a handful of FREE branches. I would have taken pictures but it was raining and I was having quite a time of it holding the umbrella, Baby Bug and my branches.

The branches are not quite a tree but they do smell lovely AND they’re disposable. No storage! I wanted to make a wreath with them but I don’t have the patience to bend a hanger into a circle. I’ve tried it other years and it was just foolishness. Hangers do not come in circles for a reason and I am not a welder. I am just not She-Ra enough. That’s all I have to say.


Then there is my Christmas Card Wall of fame. It’s terribly cluttered but I like it. At least I like it until January when I will rip it off the wall with that fresh-clean-sweep feeling. Christmas clean-up is so rewarding that way. Maybe I’m just a nut.

I didn’t mean this post to be about my on-going battle against entropy; it just sort of seeps in when I’m not looking. I think I’m back-lashing against the season of shopping. Christmas is about clutter and I HATE clutter.

the hedgehog has landed

But that doesn’t mean I’m not a sucker for buying things. Check out the giant hedgehog I bought Baby Bug. I love it! I think I love it more than she does. Isn’t it so cute? It’s fun to flop on too. You can throw yourself on it like a bean bag and it makes a satisfying “fwomp” sound. I think everyone should rush out and buy one. Just think of the fun you could have with this at the office! Launch pad anyone?

hedgehogs and arrow trees

If I had to pick a mascot for the season, I’d pick a hedgehog. I know everyone loves penguins and owls but in my book hedgehogs are IT. I don’t even know what they are. I don’t think I’ve even seen one in real life. I just know they are cute. If I had more time I would develop a whole line of hedgehog greeting cards. Maybe I’ll do that next year.

I wanted to make a free downloadable Christmas card for you guys this year but I think it’s too late. What happened to December? Is this what it’s like to have a life? Remember when I was pregnant and I was bummed because I had no plans and I just sat around with my fat self feeling all lonely and bored? Those days are gone. I don’t need a social life, I have a kid!

"jingle bells! jingle bells"

Everything that ever matters is happening right in my own living room now.


  • Lexi

    Grab a cheapo styrofoam wreath from JoAnn’s!

    I’m with you on the real tree thing. I have a prelit fake one and I. hate. it. It makes me mad because the cat (and this year, her kittens) tears it up, and so now I have a lopsided fake tree with a hole in the center from her “nest”….she’d probably do the same thing with a real one, but at least I’d get to throw it away! -instead of feeling too guilty because I spent good $$ on it 3 years ago….

  • Alissa

    I love hedgehogs too! They are just too cute :) Appearently they live around me but sadly I’ve never seen one. The advert board at our local vets asks for homes for hedgehogs and I’d love to have one but my hubby thinks its a terrible idea.

  • Christina (in Mo)

    Everything that ever matters is happening right in my own living room now


    some mom’s never get that.. you got it quick status. no wonder baby bug is so smart. her mama is a genius!

  • Louise

    You never grew up with Christmas?? I have missed something somewhere along the way. I too love hedgehogs! We used to see them in the evening hours when living in Switzerland and they were sooooo cute!

  • Beth

    Totes, 18 gal, or larger,work great for storing the holiday reuseables! LOL i have many! sorry, from a packrat! hahaha

    i think the branches look great very natural…i Love the smell. My bestfriend in the northwoods has a real one, you”ll find me sitting near the REAL tree! Best fun is to find and cut down your own tree! I did that once…so far!

    merry christmas to you and yours

  • bluejaye

    I have all the Christmas stuff in ONE cupboard in the garage. I can’t anything that doesn’t fit in that spot. NOW, I need to translate the idea into my fabric/yarn area.

    Last year the kids did all the decorating after I got the lights on.
    Yea for teenagers.
    The old man goes with us to get the tree and lugs it into the house and then his part is over.

  • kiki

    I know I’m a stranger. I promise I’m not stocking you. I ran across your blog sometime before Halloween and have enjoyed reading it ever since. Oh, it was because I Googled Cal. fires and and I really enjoyed your Pics. You seem like the kind of person that has more than enough friends but we have a lot in common. Keeponbloggin,

  • Jeanette

    I would definitely purchase hedgehog christmas cards from you next year, if you decide to sell them on etsy! I used to have a hedgie named Astra. She was the cutest little thing. They don’t make the greatest pets since they’re nocturnal–I’m definitely not a night owl.

    I loved your last sentence, as well. Very true.

  • DeeJay

    Wonderful post. I’m with you on the clutter. If it wasn’t so expensive to replace stuff I’d toss it every time so there would never be clutter here. Ever.

  • BeachMama

    I love hedgehogs!! When I lived in England you would see hedgehogs and everyone gave us little stuffed ones that I actually still have from 20 some years ago… man I am getting old…

    I love that you can create a wonderfully warm Christmas feeling with a few branches and some hats. We are feeling it this year with the most snow in decades, but it is good. I too love the clean sweep of January, that is until I sit there and realize I have nothing to do.

    I love all your ornaments you made they are truly awesome. I hope you enjoy your Christmas up North, maybe you will see a touch of snow?!

  • SouthernBelle

    I love the christmas tree smell too, but I am getting tired of sweeping of pine needles. By the time christmas gets here, if you touch the tree pine needles just drip off the tree. De-lurking to wish you a Merry Christmas.

  • Sarah

    Where did you get your calendar from? I just bought a couple from Costco, but the photo doesn’t fill the entire page like yours (probably a choice that I neglected to select, I’m sure).

    I love the branches idea – I’m stealing that for next year – we have a fake tree (because we usually go to CA for Christmas, but this year we’re staying home). I miss the piney smell.

  • pinky

    that hedgehog is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME and if I lived near an IKEA I might have to get one!

    as for this:

    Remember when I was pregnant and I was bummed because I had no plans and I just sat around with my fat self feeling all lonely and bored?

    That pretty much sums up my life at this precise moment – too early to do some things, procrastinating on others, and putting off reading the 1,000,000 books on childbirth and newborn parenting I have stacked up on every surface. that’s me :-)

  • Gramma

    Somewhere I saw a plain birch log ,about 3″ in diameter, stuck in a bucket of rocks, drilled with random holes, with branches of real evergreen stuck in to make a stylized tree. It smelled good.

  • JennyC.No3

    Love it! Also, just to let you know I totally agree with your sentiments (everything happening that’s important in life is with you and Baby Bug). Life changed with my girl and I love it!

  • Mrs. Wilson

    I love that you hate clutter. I wish I hated clutter. Okay, I do hate it, but it still seems to fill every nook and cranny in my house.

    Your little baby bug is gorgeous!

  • Rachel Z

    I think I’ve commented once or twice before, but I’ve got you on my reader and really enjoy your writing. Came from Angella.

    Your place looks great! The branches are perfect. I like the BB calendar. I gotta get me one of those. But with my own bugs. I have a Marty-Bug. And a bigger bug.

  • Beck's Mom

    Real fir garlands draped over the top of our front door make for a wonderful-smelling entryway. Since they’re outside (in the cooler air) they don’t dry out as quickly as when I’ve put them up in the family room – near the wood burning stove. (Fake from Michael’s looks great!)

    In our area, natural trees are collected by the Boy Scouts (cheers!) in early January and chipped up into compost. Unfortunately, garlands can’t be chipped because the branches are lashed together with metal wire, and I don’t have time to UNlash them.

  • nicole

    Love the little bird on the branches. Love the stockings on the TV stand. LOVE the hedgehog. Loving it all … especially the smell of a Christmas tree. We have been getting a real one every year since we got married. I have a small fake one in Little ‘Ny’s room. There is something about a twinkling Christmas tree that warms the heart and relaxes me.

  • falwyn

    Hedgehogs are definitely the mascot of the season — and I’ll tell you why. Because sometimes the holidays just make you want to curl up and bristle all over, that’s why. The cuteness factor helps too.

    Great post.

  • JennB

    Your daughter is great, and I’m glad you’re getting festive in your home. It’s a great feeling to have the decorations up and the stockings (proverbial or not) hung….

    Happy holidays to the three of you! And, P has those same jammies!

  • lynne

    Happy Christmas SAJ and to all your lovely family. I like your Christmas branches artistically draped on top of your mirror. Not too many prickly pine needles to sweep up when you come back either :) This year my tree is in a pot with roots so I hope it will thrive when I put it out in my teeny, tiny courtyard. Tomorrow I am driving to North Wales to a cottage called World’s End to spend a week with all my husband’s brother and sisters. Should be fun, but the news is threatening freezing fog, boo fog is not seasonal. I won’t have internet access for that time (horrors) but I look forward to catching up with you in the New Year. Take care. xx

  • OMSH

    I love all the branches and the perched bird, and the hedgehog! I love the hedgehog! I’d totally buy it.

    Your Christmas labels were a hit today at the elementary school as were the Baby Bug Flashcards with the Pre-K teacher. She squealed in delight and begged off a URL. I need to get the email flying – she has a grandbaby comin’ up!

    Now off to look at IKEA hedgehog bean bags and try not to feel guilty that I’ve yet my 15th year of marriage go by without mailing off a single Christmas Card.