Bug,  domesticity

yesterday she was a baby

wanna taste?

How does this happen? One day they are babies squirting poop and the next they are in the kitchen helping you bake cookies.

turning on the tv from her new convenient location

And then they learn how to use tools and wheel over their wheely bug toy so they can CLIMB UP ON TOP OF THE COFFEE TABLE!!!! What’s next?

crying about something...
Temper tantrums? Well, not yet but she does make her feelings pretty clear. No matter, I’m loving being a mom. Loving it more every day.


  • Bethany

    BB is making cookies with you? She was just learning how to walk, like, five minutes ago! The time, how it flies when you’re having fun being a mom. :-)


    Oh another great picture. BB held wooden spoon with doughs. Did she helped you? Cool and cute.

    SAJ says: She “sorta helped” as in it was less trouble to let her play with the measuring cups and eat chocolate chips than listen to her complain and try to climb up my legs.

  • Beth

    awesome pics, she gonna be the next Great Cook?
    cherrish each day, before long they wanna make them by themselves, then they move out!

    She’s such a cutie
    Your a good mom SAJ

  • andrea

    We have tons of pictures of the cry face too, sometimes it is just too cute!

    BB is turning into quite a little helper, I love the dough all over her face. Looks similar to myself when I am making cookies.

  • jane

    SOOOO cute!!

    And the video is adorable….now listen- :)

    Can I hire you to redo my blog? could you pls email me at singlejane@gmail.com??

    pretty please?
    where do you live? I can babysit! :)

    SAJ says: I’m not taking any new jobs until August (am swamped!) but I’ll email you. :)

  • BeachMama

    Being a Mom is just so great, the hard days make the fun days even so much brighter. J loves to help bake too and those are the times that bring me back to my own childhood and baking with my Mom (something we still do together). I hope BB always wants to help you in the kitchen.

  • Pam

    i love your coffee table, i want it! and i also want some cookie dough, ask bug if she’ll share with me next time

    SAJ says: I’m sure she’ll share. The spoon no, but cookie dough? Sure! The coffee table is an old wellsfargo bank table that one of Toby’s relatives modified by cutting out the middle and lowering to coffee table height. We like it too.

  • MissMocha

    Glad to “see” that you guys are doing well. :) That last picture of her is classic. That is probably how I will forever remember her.

  • Texas T-bone

    I promise that parenthood keeps getting better (well, beyond age 4 I don’t know yet). Wait until you can have a “real” conversation with her, in which she knows what you’re saying and you can understand every word she says. You’ll find it hard to believe she was ever a baby. That’s why pictures are so priceless.

  • gorillabuns

    so sweet and precious! cherish these days!

    hopefully not, but soon, she will soon be screaming, “you are not my mother!”

    but then again, i’m probably doing something wrong to induce such craziness!

    SAJ says: Oh no! I’m mentally trying to prepare myself but I don’t think I can do it!

  • eticket

    Can we attempt to not say squirt poop? At least in the kitchen. Thank you

    SAJ says: ha ha. I’m sorry.