Shop Talk


the new TX1

I’m just popping up for some air and to say I’m still here. I’m not painting but I am using every nap time and all my night-owl hours (after the baby goes to sleep) to do work and such. So busy lately! I can’t wait until I can share everything I’m working on…

I do have exciting news though. My new camera came in the mail the other day. It’s really neat. I’ll give you a full review when I get more used to it. It’s very strange and awkward at this point (you hold it like a video camera) but it’s really fun too. Lots of gimmicks… some I don’t really need. The only thing is, the super big memory card hasn’t arrived yet so I can only take three pictures at a time. It kinda hampers the learning curve process.

Gotta run! I’ll be back in a few days…