Sludgie Production!

Edited July 11, 2011 to add: Hello Pioneer Woman readers! Due to the increased traffic of people looking at this post I have added Sludgies to my shop!

At last! The Sludgies are officially done. Don’t mind the fact that I had to hire my Aunt, the professional seamstress, to get them done. It was well worth the expense. Firstly, because she is a professional and she did SUCH a better job than I ever could and secondly, because they are dah-dun-dah-dun-dun-DONE. I would have never ever gotten them done. I can barely comb my hair regularly these days.

They are so cute! I’m totally in love with my little Sludgie character. He’s almost worth all the pain and sickness and surgery I had to go through. He’s almost worth the deadly stinky farts I now suffer from. Yeah, you guys didn’t tell me about that. Who says you don’t need a gallbladder. You do! Gallbladders regulate the smelliness. Oh. My. Goodness. Is there anybody out there who knows what I’m talking about? I practically kill my own self when I fart these days. What is up with that! Ugh.

But it’s all okay. I’d take smelly farts any day over weeks and weeks of puking. The weight loss side effect was kind of nice but the PAIN, I’ll never ever go through that again. I’m not even afraid of morning sickness if I ever get pregnant with kid number two. If I can make it through three weeks of puking and writhing on the floor, I can handle a little nausea.

And now we have to distribute the lovely Sludgies! Are any of you contest winners still reading? I’m going to have to track you down. Below is a list. If you see you’re name, please email me your snail mail address and I’ll ship out your very special “Sludgie the Evicted Gallbladder” package. (No, I won’t sell your info to any junk mail companies. I promise.) Please feel free to take him out of the package and hang him on your Christmas tree (or nose) this winter. That’s why he has a little ribbon loop. And if you do, please send me a picture. It will make my poor gallbladder-less body happy. If anybody doesn’t want their Sludgie, let me know. I have a few nieces who think they NEEEEEED a Sludgie. I think they need more stuffed things like a hole in the head but whatever.

1. Pam
2. Lola
3. Jennifer
4. Bethany*
5. Kelly
6. Lin*
7. Nicole
8. Wendy
9. Andrea
10. Paula
11. Emily
12. Beck’s Mom*
13. Kate*
14. Jd
15. C
16. Lexi
17. Lyndsay
18. Ellen
19. Marissa
20. Mama Knucker Hatch
21. Beach Mama*
22. MamaBear
23. Gretchen
24. Jora
25. Lauren*

*=I have your address already. Strike-thru means I’ve tracked you down, not that you’re not getting one. Unless of course you said you didn’t want yours.

Edited to add: Hello Pioneer Woman readers! Due to the increased traffic of people looking at this post I have added Sludgies to my shop!