Bad Mom,  Bug

Playing Dress Up…. sort of

It was actually more like, quick put a hat on her head and take a picture before she yanks it off. Poor kid.


  • margalit

    Could she HAVE more hats? (said in a Chandler-esque voice)

    Good lord, she has enough adorable winter hats to last her a winter in Maine! I especially love the orange one with the fuzzies. Did you make these?

    SAJ says: The orange one with fuzzies was made by her Canadian Aunt, same with the light pink one. The darker pink cable one and the fun blue one were made her Oregonian Aunt. The fuzzy tan scarf was made by gramma. This baby is loved.

  • Gramma

    Now she needs a straw hat for summer…I hear it’s coming soon. She was happy today with chicken, carrots, roast beef, strawberries and lots of water from a “big girl” cup.

  • Jennifer

    Just had to tell you that my little bug (also her nickname) spied your baby bug trying on all of these hats and clapped and cheered her on for 10 minutes and then? She Cried when I tried to change pages. Too funny. We may be here all night.

  • OMSH

    I’m cracking up at the scarf-pulling-off-face.

    “I’m choking!”

    I can’t do scarfs or turtlenecks.
    My neck must breathe!