not worth the savings

Sometimes store brands are cheaper and just as good. Other times, like when it comes to diaper wipes, they are NOT.


  • Kuky

    Really? I like Target’s diaper wipes, the one in the blue and green box I think it is. They are soooo soft. My friend felt them once and now that’s the only wipes she buys. But the diapers. Bleck! Do NOT like them.

  • josephine

    I’ll have to try Target brand. I usually buy Huggies Sensitive Skin but opted for the cheap Kroger brand to keep my grocery bill down. Never again! They are horrible!

  • Bethany

    The Wal-Mart brand wipes aren’t bad, but I don’t like the Target brand wipes, either kind. Which is surprising, because usually I love Target brand stuff–it’s almost always as good as if not better than the name-brand stuff. And while I’ll admit the Target brand diapers aren’t as flashy as name brands, we used and loved them (as well as the pull-ups) for over a year, because they’re so much cheaper! I know people who hate them, though. I think baby butts are all different, so they all need different diapers. :-)

  • laughing mommy

    My baby gets a rash from the Costco brand wipes. So I’ve had to pay for Pampers Sensitive wipes for 17 months now. I’m going to buy a small pack of the Target wipes and try them. Thanks!

  • Beth

    I bought Kroger Comforts “supreme” for 6.99, and they have given my 7 month old the worst diaper rash I have EVER SEEN. She is miserable, and I think I’m going to have to take her to the pediatrician. I am certain that the reason is Kroger brand diapers just allow the moisture to sit against her skin instead of wicking it away and turning it into gel. Any suggestions?