Bug,  love, Bug

message from Baby Bug

Hi Everybodeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This is Baby Bug. My Mommy wants me to tell you that she cannot blog today because I am too good at getting into trouble. I am the SUPER TODDLER into everything faster than a speeding bullet! Yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Gotta go. Need to empty the contents of the laundry basket and then I need to reorganize the tupperware cupboard and reprogram the television. Maybe after that I’ll rub some kitty litter on Daddy’s camera lens collection. He really loves it when I do that.



Baby Bug


  • opsy Daisy

    Well we all need to be good at somethng Baby Bug. I’m glad you found your “something” to be good at, although we will miss your Mom’s blogging today.

  • Jennifer

    Psst… Baby Bug! This is Jen’s Bug… Have you found the baby wipes yet? Because that is where the real fun lies. You can spread them all around the room and “clean” the windows with them. Then you can giggle while mommy marches around the room gathering them up and examining them for reuseability. This is the best game ever!!

    The Other Bug.

  • beck

    Have fun little bug! And if your mom gets tired of chasing you around, feel free to come on over here and teach my baby everything you know! =)

  • Gramma

    Such a sweet, innocent child! But with a giggle (just like auntie’s) she did manage to get some of Bobbie’s kibble in her mouth. All was not lost, for she gave him the softened treat after she chewed it a while. He liked that. BB liked the green silk flower arrangement. She was able to re-do it a better way. I’m sure I heard her say “pretty flower.”

  • sweetpea

    You should see what I did last night, my mommy is in for it now! I learned how to take my diaper off and make puudles of my own to splash in…in the house…so much fun. You go lil BB, kitty litter sounds like fun!

  • ioi

    Baby Bug,

    Ask your mommy for a big box of unscented tissues. They are so much fun to play with. There is practically NO END TO THEM! They just keep coming and coming and coming and….. you get the idea! AND they taste great, they’re SOOOO much fun to shred, you can pretend they’re hats or washcloths or flags or blankets or almost anything, and Mommy hardly ever gets upset unless we dip them in the toilet or fish tank because she says they’re not that expensive and she can vacuum up the shredded pieces!

    Love your 2nd cousins,
    Dolly & PC

    PS. we’re looking forward to teaching our new sibbling the tissue box how-to’s soon!

  • OMSH

    Baby Bug. You know I love your bugaliciousness, but listen to “auntie OMSHy” … STAY AWAY FROM THE LENS.

    Really … it is better for everyone.

    Hugs and kisses!