Beach Bits,  Buddies

Iron Maidens Moms

Whoorl and I went on the most AWESOME walk today. My pores are still singing with happiness, three hours later. It was the best. I feel like I could conquer the world. Exercise with a friend is really the best way to go.

If you read Whoorl, then you know how she thinks she needs to lose like one pound or something so she can get back to her original size TWO! Anyway, this woman is made of iron. She has willpower of steel! I know because I tempt her with trips to Starbucks and Sprinkles and she doesn’t fold. Nope. On top of all this incredible will power, she also goes on long walks up Cardiac Hill. I walk a lot too but she was totally making me jealous with her long treks early early in the morning. Especially, since I want to run the 5K again this year and I haven’t trained with the jogger stroller one little bit.

I’m not really worried about my own stamina because a 5K is pretty easy. I’m more worried about the stroller and how Baby Bug is going to do with it. The seat is kinda slouchy for her (because she is the midget baby) and by the end of a long walk, she’s completely reclined. I worry that all that slouching could get uncomfortable after two hours or so.

Well…I need not worry any more. When Whoorl and I set out, we thought we’d be gone for an hour at most. A typical one-diaper-no-snacks kind of trip. I had no idea that we were going to go EXPLORING and we’d be gone for hours on end! It was soooooooo FUN though! I love exploring!

Exploring is great but the unexpected can sometimes be challenging. For example, there was this hill at the end of our walk that was so challenging, both Whoorl and I started to wonder if we’d made a mistake. I should call it “The Hill”. It was so steep. We climb little hills all the time coming and going to the beach but this particular hill was almost a straight incline, with no resting points along the way. That’s all fine and good except when you’re pushing strollers and it feels like they are going to roll back onto you and smash you into the asphalt path beneath you. We were fine of course. Just a little out of breath at the top which made it impossible to yak and tell stories back and forth like we like to.

It was fun for all of us. Baby Bug and Wito were quiet as mice, just watching the scenery go whizzing by… (or listening to their mama’s yammer excitedly at each other, either one) It was a perfect outing. Baby Bug only started to fuss during the very last part. And that was only because we overlapped over into her normal nap time and she always protests napping. Of course when we got back she snoozed like a rock, which was nice.

I know you’re probably reading this and saying to yourself, shut up and pass me a twinkie but I just want to close on this one preachy note: Exercising with a friend is ten million times better than exercising alone. And exercising with a friend who has a baby, when you have a baby, is even better. Iron Moms Rule.

The end.


  • Jenifer

    Yay, I love exercising with a friend. My friend Karen and I walk the mall every day and window shop. We love it. Also, we walk up the stairs or the escalators, since we have no hills to climb. She’s a great motivator for losing weight and getting my butt out of my cubicle. I’m glad you have someone close by to walk and talk with. I know you’ll be ready to run in the 5k soon. I can’t wait to run my first one!

  • OMSH

    One advantage of having ONE child is doing this. Add a 10 year old and a 7 year old into the mix, along with a 4 year old, and you can walk … MAYBE a mile an hour. MAYBE.

    All the while hearing, “My feet hurt.” “When will be turn back?” “Why are we doing this?” “Can we stop for a snack?”


  • Jennifer

    A friend with a baby to exercise with is a true blessing. My side was hurting reading about that hill. I once witnessed a novice roller blader lose control down a similar paved hill at newport beach. It was very sad. Now I’m debating getting a double jogging stroller to get rid of baby fat after #3 arrives. Hmmmm…

  • Amy

    oh my gosh…i totally discovered this little precious place in crystal cove too. did you see all the refurbished cabins? at first i thought it would be so cool to get married right there. but then you have to park literally all the way across pch? who would want to do that.
    its so cute. so hidden. and i know that steep hill you are talking about. b/c i refused to go down it…and james went flying on his bike! i about had a heart attack. you mommys are brave! wowsers!

  • irish mistery

    Nothing can replace the feeling of a good long walk, yacking with a friend and pushing to very happy babes! (ok, maybe a starbucks and a cupcake from that Sprinkles place would add to the whole effect…)

  • nila

    I take exercise classes with my friend, and I couldn’t do it without her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have anyone to look over at and know that she’s suffering just like me. Misery loves company.

    You and Whoorl are too cute, and so lucky to have such a beautiful path for your walks. I’m green with envy. All we have are boring old sidewalks.

  • Dawn

    Looks like a fun time was had by all! How are your legs today?? I am sure “THE HILL” was a whopper! Bless you! I would have turned back!

  • BeachMama

    How awesome. My Sister and I used to walk all the time when our kids were born, but then she had another one and didn’t get a double stroller until the very end of the summer, so I spend many a day walking alone. Well, as alone you can be with a 2.5 year old and two dogs keeping you company. J still sort of fits in his jogger, but this will be the last summer for sure. Next year I will have to make sure he can ride a bike pretty fast, I don’t know what I would do without my walks.

    The scenery and fun you and whoorl must have is awesome. Enjoy this time when the kiddos are quiet, one day they won’t stop talking, the whole entire walk.

  • NAT

    That’s so great you can exercise with a friend I wish someone like Whoorl could exercise with me sound like you had a great time, keep up the good work.