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How Babies Have Tea Parties

1. Watch eagerly as Mama gets mystery box out of high, out-of-reach cupboard.

2. Exclaim with glee as Mama sets up real glass cups and saucers at kid’s table.

3. Grab two cups and run off with them down the hall.

4. Return to table to see where strange sipping sound is coming from.

5. Copy Mama and make sipping and “aaaah” sounds into cups.

6. Make sipping sound into sugar bowl and tea pot and tea pot lid.

7. Smile at Mama because you are so smart with the sipping sounds

8. Celebrate your brilliant sipping by banging plates together. Enjoy clinking sound and funny faces Mama makes.

8. Eat goldfish crackers ravenously.

9. When done with crackers, clear table by sweeping dishes onto the floor with arm.

10. Grind goldfish crackers into carpet and enjoy crunching sensation.

11. Run into kitchen, find cat’s dishes. Have a tea party with them too.

12. When Mama takes away cat’s dishes, go find amazing tea party box and sit in it.

13. Bust box sides with strong legs.

13. Cry and throw a fit when Mama takes tea party dishes and busted box away.


  • ioi

    Where did you get the tea set? It’s perfect for little people!

    SAJ says: Aunt Becky gave it to Baby Bug before she was born! I’m supposed to save it for when she’s big enough, but I couldn’t resist.

  • comfortablycrazy

    She needs a plastic set for everyday use.

    SAJ says: Yeah, I’m putting it on my list of things I want to buy. Somebody left a link for a really cool tin set a while back. One of these days when I get my money matters straightened out, I’m going to buy her one. For now, she’s just as happy to play with tupperware lids. We just break out the glass dishes “when Mama gets really really bored.”

  • Alissa

    They are such rascals aren’t they. We love tea parties! We have a tea party every day with our plastic set. We also have a ‘real’ tea party with real tea(chamomile) on special occassions with the minuature cheapie china set. We got both sets at the pound/dollar store. It is so fun having little ones isn’t it.

  • OMSH

    When done with crackers, clear table by sweeping dishes onto the floor with arm.
    I KNEW I was doing dishes wrong all this while!

    SAJ says: Have you seen this!

  • Bethany (the NY one)

    ok, i really do want a girl one of these days! my son sulked endlessly when asked to abandon the thomas trains for a tea party when on a playdate. not that i blame him, but endless battles, legos, swords, gore, and stomping do get a bit old :) Glad you couldn’t resist, she had a ball!

  • Loretta

    Adorable!! there was no gumball kitty though, poor neglected gumball.

    that tea set is adorable! way better than the ugly brown thing I had as a kid ;)

  • NAT

    I hope baby bug does not catch a cold! Put some clothes on that girl! My little guy is sick, so I am kind of worried about baby bug. I don’t mean to tell you how to be a mother.

    SAJ says: Silly Nat! Doncha know colds are caught from viruses not from being cold? But don’t worry, these pictures were taken a few days ago when it was like 105 degrees in my house! We have no air conditioning and about 3pm it gets really really hot in our full-of-windows apartment. Today she is wearing long pants, a onsie, a sweatshirt AND shoes and socks.

  • Leah

    I love that you put out a tablecloth and napkins too!

    SAJ says: They came with the tea set. It was a gift from my crafty Aunt. She even wrapped it in the table cloth and napkins

  • BeachMama

    I love that set too! I remember tea parties from when I was younger. My Mom would fill the sugar bowl with real sugar and give us gingerale in our teapot and creamer. We would have our little tea parties and fill ourselves full of sugary goodness.

    Funny enough J likes to have tea parties too, but we just call them breakfast instead of a ‘tea party’. He has a littel “Elmo” set of plates and glasses and serves us cookies, apple slices and milk, with a few Lego men on the side. I want to be sure he can cook when he gets older ;).

    If the my little bean is truly a girl like the tech said on Monday, I can see many a tea party in my future.

    SAJ says: CONGRATULATIONS! Girls rule.

  • Bethany

    I have been assuring people since I was about 7, when I read it in a Charlie Brown encyclopedia, that going outside in winter with wet hair will not give you a cold…and no one ever believes me!

    My MIL has not one but two awesome tin tea sets for the grandkids to play with at her house, and assorted toy tin pots and pans, all purchased at garage sales over the years. Annalie LOVES them.

    SAJ say: That is the cutest tea set EVER!!!! I’m going to keep my eye out for something like that.

  • Gramma

    My mother used to make me “Cambric Tea” which was merely warm water, with a little bit of sugar, doctored up with milk poured from the pitcher. I can remember 75 years ago I felt so grown up. There were always cookies. I think mother was master/mistress of all those Pennsylvania Duch “receipts.” At her bridge club luncheons she used to serve a salad: Lettuce with a half pear, dressed in cheddar cheese curls over the wide round end, two whole cloves for eyes, a maraschino cherry slice holding a lighted candle. Back then smoking was COOL.

  • MamaBear

    Tea parties!!! HOW FUN!!! You know Kikki is just a month younger than BB, and I thought I had to wait another year for a tricycle and a glass tea set. Just found out they make trikes for 1.5 year olds nad now I can see she can play with real china too!!! OK I may buy a cheap china but I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea parties pictures.

  • Jennifer

    Yep, that sounds about right for this age, haha. Sounds like a lot of fun while it lasted. I still remember my tea parties as a kid. Emily has a plastic set at my parents’ house for Tea with Gramma.

  • Kate B

    Gramma – So nice to hear about your memories of “back then.” I love hearing my grandmother’s stories about being a child, how she would enteratin herself without any toys, and just what everyday life was like, and especially the food.

    SAJ – Totally love your new “About” page.