that’s a wrap

Hi everybody!

Okay, voting is officially over because I’m officially confused. I know I said to let me know what you really think but unfortunately I’m one of those “creative” types and I’m having a hard time keeping track of all the votes. I’m also distracted and a little slow. See all my new pretty side bar things? I’ve been making things*. I keep losing my place when I’m counting up the votes. I get half way through and then I think, ooooh I should make a mug! Then swish, there go all the numbers right out of my head. Even making pencil marks doesn’t really work. I need whoorl to make me a color coded spreadsheet or something.

The good news is that cafepress lets me make all kinds of things so in my own creative way I’ll try to make everybody happy. First of all, number three seemed to be the most popular. I thought that too and made it before I even started this little voting project. If anybody is super keen on the splotch being a different color, email me and I’ll set you up with your own customized shop. There’s plus sizes, and black and even a pink t-shirt with purple splatters in case anybody wanted to have nice un-clashing splotches.

And then… there’s a new design that I just made up on the fly for those of you who wanted to sport SAJ on your stuff. You flatter me so.

Someday I hope to make my own t-shirts that are not on cafepress. I like cafepress because it’s easy and I don’t have to put any money out but I can’t always guarantee the quality. (Though lately, I’ve been pretty happy with them.) Someday I’d like to make real screen printed t-shirts where I settle on one perfect design and make a whole passle of them. Whether I do them on or screen print them myself, I’m not sure. So if you’re not in the mood for spending money… you can use this as an excuse to wait.

Thanks everybody, this was fun.

*and OMSH has been coding for me because she’s a whiz and I’m a dunce.