• Life Lessons

    The Pesky Post Part 1 Addendum

    Ha! It’s three in the morning and I couldn’t sleep. You know why? Because I finally came to some resolution about my pesky post. I kept re-reading it in my mind pretending to be every reader I could imagine and I came to this conclusion. I’m selfish and stupid and I don’t deserve to complain and you all are too nice to tell me this. I know how it is. I know the comment maffia will get you if you dare to say something painfully truthful. So I’m saying it for you.

    The upshot of all this is this: It’s fun to save money too. It’s like a game you can play with yourself. So you can’t buy the fancy brand of beans at the grocery store but you can buy the store brand and save 27 cents! Woo Hoo! Twenty-seven cents! I know it’s silly but if it gets me through the day and past the end cap of cute Easter stuffed animals that I want to buy for every little person in my life, then it works. I didn’t buy frozen waffles either because I can make pancakes on the stove for less! Yay Me! I am a rugged pancake making woman! I can play pancake music and have fun!

    Whatever, right?

    But thank you, thank you and thank you for all the kind and sincere things you all come here to say to me. I would be one sad lost little blogger without you.