Beach Bits,  Bug

light before a storm

Yesterday was one of those days where the light was so amazing towards sunset that no matter what I took a picture of, it looked great. Even a picture of the ratty tatty old second hand jogger stroller looks neat. I love it when the clouds are big and dynamic like that. The way the sun was filtering through, it made the landscape look like it was painted in.

It’s a good thing it was such a good day to take pictures because I have one of those pesty posts in my head that really needs to be thought about before it goes splatting all over the internet.

All of the pictures are here.


  • Jennifer

    Great pictures. Yesterday evening was beautiful. I give the girls their baths early (around 4 p.m.). They were out in the backyard swinging on the swingset in their pj’s and having a great time. A great evening.

  • Sheree

    The light was gorgeous yesterday. Did you catch the rainbow? I shot some photos but haven’t had a chance to look at them yet….we even saw a double rainbow. Very cool and the small ones were excited to see it.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    My favorites: BB with sea plants in her mouth. BB posed like Mighty Mouse (one fist in the air) An optional explanation is that she is acting out the lyrics “high as the heavens above”. There is another one where she could be acting out the “wide, wide as the ocean” part and the two of those would make a cute photo set. You are right that the lighting was amazing. It makes me want to take more walks down to my little part of the ocean more often. It’s weird to think that we sit beside the same ocean on our opposite corners of the USA.

  • margalit

    These are the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen of yours. Honestly, you are so talented with a camera, but these…spectacular! I hope you blow up that photo of BB with the dark storm clouds behind her, the first one in the slide show, to huge proportions and hang it on your wall. You’ll love it when she’s older.

  • Clownfish

    Your little girl, always darling. The shots of the ocean and sky, perfect. But my eye keeps getting pulled back to the macro shots. (Your shot remains my desktop photo)

  • BeachMama

    Such wonderful shots! I just love the beach so much and your photos just make it all seem so close, the light is gorgeous as is your Baby Bug.

    **I will post my tag soon, I have to charge the camera :)

  • OMSH

    I grew up a tad north of Galveston Bay in Texas.
    Um … it looks NOTHING like this.
    If you could get home without black tar stuck to your feet you were doing REALLY good.

    Beautiful shots – looked through all of them!