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You do what you love…

My house is a complete disaster and I’m decorating boxes. Well, I was decorating boxes. Now I’m blogging about my decorated boxes. But my point is, you do what you love. Everybody always asks me how do what I do and that’s my answer. I do what I love. I make time for the things I want to make time for. The rest goes down the toilet.

I’m terrible at cleaning my bathroom. I have some emails in my inbox that have been there for months. I haven’t changed the sheets on my bed in I don’t know how long. The cat box needs changing. There is a collection of hair on my bathroom floor that needs sweeping up. I’m in the middle of trying to hire a babysitter and my file is so unorganized I’m never going to find anybody. I need to go the dry cleaners to get about half a year’s worth of clothes cleaned…Everywhere I look there are things I need to do. It could drive a person crazy.

Or… you can just lower your standards and color boxes. Because if I didn’t color the boxes and I cleaned the bathroom instead, then the boxes would never get sent and the nieces would never get their presents and their mom’s would never get the decorated boxes and say, “Wow, we really love our Aunt Brenda because she takes the time to do the little things…” or something like that. Maybe they’re really thinking, “Brenda, she’s such a show off. Why does she have to draw on everything?.” I don’t know what they think. But I personally would like a box with pictures on it so that’s what I’m going to do. It makes me happy.

And I’m going to take pictures of them and document them on my blog because I have nothing else of news going on today. The baby and I are still living in the land of snot but the fever is gone and we both are feeling much better. Also I’m documenting every little silly creative thing I do because that’s what you come here for, right? I may not be witty or cuss a lot but I do have pictures of silly drawings!

This wasn’t supposed to be an ad for Sharpie… sorry about that. I do love Sharpies, but they aren’t paying me to post pictures of their pens. The pens just happened to be photogenic, I thought.


  • Felix

    Love the art. Looks like Lilly does too :) Amazing what you can do with a sharpie – all I can do is label a moving box with ‘kitchen’ :)
    You definitely need to make time to do what you love – it helps keep you sane.

  • Kuky

    Glad to hear the fever is down. Having a sick baby is very scary. I loved reading the first two paragraphs of this post and then the “Or… you can just lower your standards and color boxes” line! Ha ha ha!! Having a decorated box mailed to you is AWESOME! My sister does that for me all the time and it’s the best. It’s like another present!

  • comfortablycrazy

    As is the new phrase, your boxes rock. They’re half the gift because you think of the person whom is receiving it when you draw. It’s not like you just draw things of no significance on them. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Wish you were here so we could help, but at the same time I’m glad you’re not. Tempers are running a little short and fevers a little high. Get better soon.

  • Terri

    Thanks for writing this. There is hair in my bathroom too. And my goal is to change everyone’s sheets once/month. Is that gross? It’s so much more often than we used to. I’m not even sure how often we used to. Now, I just try to do it around the first. The boxes are beautiful. Of course, I have a whole new level of quasi-guilt about the noncleaning since I now live with my neat freak mom who paid for most of the house. Oops. Still dirty.

  • BeachMama

    If I had your talent I would decorate boxes too and blog about it. “You do what you love”. That is just an awesome statement. Kudos to you for doing what you love. Glad to hear Baby Bug is feeling better. And to make you feel a tad better yourself, I have the same hair in the bathroom and dustbunnies on the floor, it is ok to let it be once in a while and do the things you love doing.

  • Mysh

    I love your box drawings!! I’ve watched the slide show now, oh…at least 25 times and they’re just so happy! I’d love to have them all on a quilt. Thanks for sharing and hope you and Baby Bug are out of snot land very soon. Happy New Year! :O)

  • Heather

    Maybe you should design your own line of wrapping paper. I like to decorate packages and letters also. It’s more fun to be creative and color than to clean. Have fun and feel better!

  • Jen

    Loved your post today! *Sooo* very true! I need to do more of this and forgive myself for dust bunnies and unmade beds. ~Great job on the boxes!

  • Abbey

    Yeah! Thank you for being honest about letting things fall to the wayside so you can do what you love!! I am the exact same way and I feel SO BAD about it sometimes. My mom’s house was (and is still to this day) PERFECT and PERFECTLY CLEAN! What? How does that happen? When I try and be a good “50’s Housewife” (as I have deemed myself) and do the laundry and clean and cook dinner…I have NO TIME left for myself and the things I actually ENJOY doing!! I just can’t do both. So thanks for making me realize I’m not alone. : )