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Out with the Snots

Today was “Special Treat Friday” so the Snot Princess and I (I being the Queen of Snots) went to our corner coffee shop for a muffin and latte and then down to the beach to enjoy our special treat in our special treat spot. I love “Special Treat Friday.” I think everybody should have “Special Treat Friday.” If you haven’t had a special treat today yet, I personally give you permission to go out and get yourself a special treat. Take back your specialness!!!

Anyway, we both needed some fresh air and I thought it might be fun to mix some sand in with our snot. Sand and snot, mmmmm mmmmm. Sand and snot and muffin, even better.

On the way back from the beach we crossed paths with a few neighbors who were also out and about enjoying the morning. “She looks like she needs a nap,” they said. Actually, they said “HE looks like HE needs a nap.” Everybody thinks Baby Bug is a boy when they first meet her. Whatever. I’m tired of trying to keep her dressed in pink from head to toe.

I nodded, even though she just woke up from a nap less than half an hour ago. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I guess it’s okay today since we both look like crap because of our colds and the fact that I need a hair cut really really bad.

It just reminds me of that day way back when I lived on the boardwalk (way way way before baby and Toby) and one morning I took my cup of coffee down to the bench on the boardwalk and sat there enjoying the sun and the surf in my pajamas. That’s the perks of living on the beach, right? You can go to the beach in your pajamas if you feel like it. Well, if you don’t mind people seeing you in your pajamas that is.

Some random dude walked by and said, “Rough night last night, eh?” As if I was getting over a hangover or something. Or maybe he thought I slept on the bench all night. I don’t know. If I wasn’t feeling like crap before that, I did after his comment. Being the vain person I am, I started to feel self conscious about my blood shot eyes (allergies, I swear), my hole-y pajamas and the fact that maybe I don’t look as glamours as I thought I did with bed head. (I may use a hair product called “bed head” but that doesn’t mean I look good with bed head hair.)

I went home wishing a zillion times I was more careful about my looks before I walk out of the house. Which is exactly the way I felt today. Except today when we were walking back up the hill I passed another mother who was also carrying her baby in a front-pack baby carrier. She was wearing baggy brown goucho sweats, a mis-matched gray t-shirt and a baseball cap over her ratty uncombed hair. I smiled at her as we passed. She’s one of us, I thought.

It’s better to get out and look crappy than to never get out at all.

p.s. remember these?


  • BeachMama

    Love “special treat Friday”, I did get my special treat today, but instead of enjoying it on the beach, I got to enjoy it driving around in the car. Oh well, we do what we do.

    Years ago, I had a pair of cow pants (actually I still have them, I just don’t wear them anymore) and on the days when I felt like going out in pajamas, I wore those. I always got some kind of comment about a rough night or whatever. I didn’t care back then, but I sure mind now, something about looking rough when you have a toddler in tow makes everybody comment. Glad you got out today and hopefully the snots will be over soon, very soon.

  • Carrie

    I want a special treat! It’s too late for special treat friday here, though. I need to go to bed.

    Everyone always always always calls Erik a little girl and I always have him in boy clothes. I don’t understand.

    I hate when people say things about the baby needing a nap or whatever. It makes me want to attack them with an ice pick.

  • ioi

    How do you get rid of all the sand when you get home? Sometimes you guys look absolutely covered with it. :) ‘Glad you had your treat today. The weather looks beautiful there! I know where you’re coming from on the mistaken gender. PC was called a girl at least FIVE times on the first day of conference! (I either stopped counting or didn’t notice anymore after that). PS. It was good to see you at conference!

  • Terri

    I hate it when people say, “You look tired.” I mean, they said it to your baby, but it’s still rude. Like, come on, is there any way that is a compliment? It’s basically a veiled, “You look kinda crappy.” Good for you for getting out there. I probably don’t do that enough. And I definitely need a haircut. It’s been uhhhh…about 7 months now. My kid is 22 months. I have 2 pairs of pants that fit.

    I’d like to say, “At least he looks good” but lately he hasn’t always been making it out of his pajamas either. Well, his pajamas are the cutest Target pjs money can buy. Ha!

    I want a sandy muffin.

  • chris

    Everyone thought I was a boy. My Mom always dressed me in frilly dresses and everyone scolded her for wanting a girl so badly (that she would dress him in girl’s clothes). It got so bad that she said she would pull down my diaper to prove it. Yikes!

    I love the special treat friday

  • Jennifer

    I need to start doing special treat Fridays. They look like a lot of fun. Right now my baby is a snot machine and everyone always thinks she’s a boy. Poor kids.

    I hope they didn’t do the sing song version of, “Somebody needs a nap!!” I hate hearing that one.

  • Heather

    How could someone mistake that beautiful baby for a boy? Get it together people, if you can’t tell then just ask. I love her little New Balance shoes, they are too cute.

  • mrsmogul

    I am going to dress my kid in pink, even though he’s a boy. WHY go with the norm? Sometimes people think he’s a girl cause I put him in red. OR They are really blind whe he’s all dressed in blue. LOL HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!

  • Bethany

    My daughter was basically bald till she was almost 2, so she was always getting mistaken for a boy, even in pink and dresses. It never bothered me much, though. I actually dressed her in neutral colors a lot because those were the clothes I liked, so it was probably at least partly my fault.

    I LOVE Baby Bug’s hat by the way. Did someone make it for you? It rocks, and goes especially well with the baby New Balances. ;-)

  • jP

    Bethany- I have anyother just like bugs and a whole bunch more. I’ll try to have my website up enough to start selling them. jP