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the forbidden basket

The forbidden basket is just a little basket sitting on a tv tray beside my “nursing chair”. By looking at it, you’d never know it held so much importance and mystery in the baby’s room. It started out as just a place to stash the large collection of pacifiers, cloth diapers (for wiping clogged tear duct eye goop), baby fingernail clippers and what-not… but it has turned into soooo much more.

Why? Because it’s the basket that the baby is not allowed to touch. Except for important times, like when I need to make a phone call or finish up a blog post or speed read through 27 babysitter applicant emails. Then the forbidden basket becomes prime time optimum baby entertainment. She loves the forbidden basket. She could sort through the fifty-some pacifiers, testing each one out over and over, for hours! And then there’s mommy’s lotion (with the cap screwed on securely of course) and combs and baby brushes…all kinds of great things to put in your mouth–so much fun!

This basket saves me. Every once in a while I have to throw in a new forbidden object (like a mini stapler {the horror!!!} or a roll of scotch tape or a dead remote…) just to keep it interesting. I always keep one eyeball glued on her though because the beauty of the forbidden objects is that they are forbidden and slightly dangerous. Who wants to play with toys that are soft and boring when you can play with sharp things!

So, yes, this is a post about a basket of junk. What can I say? It holds that much importance in our daily lives.

Everybody should have one.


  • Annika

    What a wonderful idea! The thing Sam wants to play with most is my computer. I wonder if he’d leave it alone if there were something else forbidden.

  • Jennifer

    Not the mini stapler!!! HAHAHA. I’m almost scared to admit the things we put in our forbidden basket. A HUGE hit around Halloween was all those little wrapped candy bars and other chewy candies. Every now and then I give one to the baby and she shakes all over. She’d probably explode if I opened one up and let her eat it.

  • Momo

    I have the forbidden basket too but in my case it is different…my fiancee became my friendly rival in using the face cream…so I put all my cosmetics stuff in a basket that he is not allowed to touch!

  • Felix

    When we give in to Baby Felix, it’s the remote control. She likes the one we actully use though – there’s no tricking her with some old VCR remote. :)
    Oh and how she loves cell phones – but not the plastic baby kind – oh no, of course not. Sometimes it’s just easier to give in and let her have the remote or phone.

    btw – love the x-mas card – such a nice pic.