Bug,  Tis the Season

A Tree!

We got a tree! Phew. What an ordeal. I was so tempted to just say screw it and skip the tree but it’s Baby Bug’s first Christmas so I want to do everything just right. Which is silly, isn’t it? Is she going to remember any of this? I never had a first Christmas (since my family didn’t celebrate… and no, we aren’t 7th Day Adventists) so it’s special to me to do all the hooplah with her. I guess I should just admit it. I’m doing it for me.

Because everything is fun all over again when you have a baby! Yay!

She loves the tree. She’s very tactile so she’s constantly touching the needles and trying to eat them. Thankfully, she hasn’t tried to climb up into the tree or attempted to pull it down yet. But then it’s only the first day we’ve had it. I’m not sure how things are going to go. It’s like we have a GIANT no-no zone right in the middle of our living room which is usually where the baby can roam free without us worrying about anything. I guess this is just good practice for both of us because you can’t always keep everything off limits.

In the spirit of trees and fun happy Christmas things… here is the third FREE SAJ Christmas Card! Cheers!


  • Alissa

    This is my favourite card! Your tree looks beautiful. We are unfortunately not having a big tree this year due to the potential temptation to my 13 month old son but we have a small one on our kitchen couter that he can’t reach. On Thursday my son and I are going to my fathers in Germany where he has a real tree with candles!!! Oh what fun we will have!

  • BeachMama

    As I was reading I was thinking to myself, “She won’t remember it, but you will” than of course you admited to it. I feel that way all the time. Even with J being three, there is so much he won’t remember, but I will.

    I do so much with J that really is for me, but I love it and I love to have the memories of doing it. I don’t put the gift under the tree though, you are very brave to try that one. I put empty bags to look like presents and put the rest out Christmas Eve.

    Your tree is gorgeous, I love the beaded heart ornament. And another gorgeous card. Enjoy your tree!

  • jen

    Love this card!!! It’s my favorite one.

    I wanted to also let you know that Christmas lights are made with lead!!! There’s a warning on the back of the box. This is a relatively new thing, lights are now manufactured in China where there aren’t restrictions placed on things like this. Please don’t let baby bug touch the lead lights. I just wanted to let you know about this. I am pregnant and just found out about it myself. there’s tons of info available online.

    best wishes,

  • josephine

    YIkes! Good thing I hung them a foot above her reaching height. But shizer. Wished I would have know that before I caught her putting them in her mouth during the whole putting up the lights process.

  • Emily

    Your tree looks lovely. Good luck keeping her out of it. We had to put out tree in “tree jail” (super yard fence) to keep grabby hands away. I hope you have better luck. And I love the cards, they are so cute!

  • Jennifer

    Your tree turned out so pretty. We got ours up on Sunday and so far (knock on wood) the baby hasn’t really touched it much. Just a few of the baby safe ornaments we put on the lower branches. She did try to eat some of the lights but we stopped her before they got in her mouth and she hasn’t tried again since. Now I’m really freaked out about the lead mentioned by Jen.

  • Gramma

    Sure, we had a tree and such until we moved to California. Then we had a choice…We could buy new clothes and make a trip to Southern California and Conference…OR…Spend the same money and stay home, decorate and exchange presents. While still in the Orient, the year Dad had his heart attack, all the girls went skiing. It didn’t seem fair to celebrate Christmas with Butch back in Pennsylvania Prep School and Dad recuperating. Mom thought it a good idea to make birthdays more special…that way to spread the cost throughout the year.

  • Margie

    I think we put our Christmas tree in the playpen!

    At least babies grow and learn not to grab trees. Cats keep trying to climb up on them. We don’t have cats at the moment–just dogs, but haven’t had a tree for a couple years for lack of space. Maybe I can demand that some things currently residing in the living room find a new temporary home for a couple weeks. I miss having a tree!

  • Samantha

    Of course the baby needs a Christmas tree! Maybe next year she can have a tiny artificial one (or a real one in a pot) with special Baby Bug ornaments. I think I want to do this for my future kids – of course, I say this now, with plenty of time on my hands. Also, I love this card! It’s definitely my favorite. You rock. :)

  • Irish Mistery

    You have a great tree and the pictures are beautiful! You know, perhaps your babe won’t remember this Christmas…but you will and you will be able to tell her all about it someday…the 1st Christmas is special for everyone.

  • GenE Shockley

    Let me guess, cooking utensils are some of her favorite toys….i.e. the rubber scraper. My grandsons favorite toy is a ball type whisk. Never would have thought of using it to decorate a present tho.


  • Clownfish

    Your tree is great! We haven’t had a real tree in a while being that we are either in SoCal or SoOregon (rotating each year with our parents). It takes a little doing but a real tree with it’s look, touch and smell is perfect.

    Why is it that I love the pig ornament? :-)

  • Erica

    The pig ornament IS the cutest. Love it! And you have such a gift for the Christmas cards. I’d love to see you start a little online business with them — you have time to prepare for next year’s rush, and everyone loves them.

  • Nicole

    My husband’s family belongs to the Seventh Day adventist church and celebrates Christmas and birthdays, etc. There is a small off shoot called Reform Adventism that believes Christmas is a pagan holiday.

  • Lexi

    Last year (jordan was 2) we had a “glass-ornament-eating incident” which ended in the Childrens’ ER….so I went out in January (which was doubly nice bc everything was on clearance) and got a bunch of plushy stars and bows and stuff.
    Just a thought….

    Love the pig ornament.