Beach Bits,  Bug

hoodies and uggs

Since it was a foggy ugly gray day, Baby Bug and I put on our hooded sweatshirts and fake uggs (over our pajamas) and tromped down to the beach so we could practice for Humbolt County weather. Actually, I just wanted a chocolate croissant for breakfast and that’s what we do when we have “special treats”. It just happened to be an ugly and gray foggy day, just like it will be when we go up north.

I love it that I can make up fun routines like this with Baby Bug. It’s like having my own personal permanent best friend. Well, at least for the next three years or so. It strikes me as funny that the things we do now will be what she remembers as normal when she is older. The way I cover her up with blankets will be how she likes to be covered when she grows up. The way I cut up her sandwiches, the way I fix spaghetti, the choices I make for scented things like laundry detergent and deodorant and bathroom cleaner will be stored away in her scent memory as normal. It almost gives me a power trip realizing that no matter what I do, no matter how funky or strange or weird my choices are, this is what will be normal for her. It’s like I can’t screw up…sort of.

Or you could say that all these choices are what she will be discussing with her shrink when she’s in therapy someday.


  • Erica

    See, as a mom, sometimes I think that my daughter, now 15 months, won’t remember this bestfriendship we share. And that kind of bums me out a little.

    So, it was refreshing to hear your POV on it — that even though they won’t remember all the itsy-bitsy things, we (as moms) can create things like scent memory and preferences that last forever.

    And that makes me feel good.

  • JennB

    That is beautiful! I love what a happy baby she is, and she just loves her mama….. I loved that stage. It changes, but it’s still a happy thing when you get home and the small person comes running and squealing to see you just as fast as her feet can carry her.

  • Jennifer

    When my four year old was BB’s age I would have these thoughts too. I couldn’t believe that *I* got to make all of her childhood memories. It’s really neat to hear her at 4 talk about when she was “little” and things that she remembers from a year or two ago.

    I love hearing about your memory making with BB.

  • BeachMama

    It is funny to think about it like that. I sometimes get sad that J will never remember how much fun we had when he was this young. My earliest memories are from when I was three, J’s age now.

    I never looked at it from your perspective that the way I snuggle him with blankets and the scents and his little happy routines that he will always have were my choices to make and some of the things I love the most about him. Thanks for helping bring that out for me. I hope that our coffee shop routine will continue on together for many, many years.

  • Sara

    So cute, as always! I love tucking my daughter in — asking her if she’s warm enough and making sure all of her “babies” are with her.
    That Uggs shot is great!

  • Gramma

    The ocean has always been magic for me. I love the smell of salt air, the touch of gentle breezes on my cheek, the softened roar and rolling over and over the waves I see in the distance. Then I feel the lapping of the cold foam on my toes. I experience calming, meditate and just think. Perhaps BB will remember experiencing those wonderful ocean smells and sounds.

  • knitterykate

    I remember going to the beach as a very young child. Gramma (see above) would haul out the big orange and black umbrella to protect sesitive baby skin (Kedge was truly a red head back then!) and tromp us all down to the beach a block away in Kailua, Hawaii. I still remember the sand in my suit and the cold, cold water Gramma used to squirt us off with when we got home. BB will certainly remember her beach days. You’re making them fun and memorable. (Just don’t get sand in her suit).

  • Alissa

    Thank you for sharing that – it made me all warm inside as I hadn’t thought about our rituals and habits having such an impact on our little ones but it’s true. What time do you both get up in the morn if you don’t mind me asking? We are early birds as well but cafes in my area don’t open until about 8. You are very lucky – BB, beach, Starbucks, PJs and Uggs!!

  • Clownfish

    From the scent of your cooking to the touch and feel of the sand through her fingers to the sound of the mirror clicking in Toby’s SLR, are all creating are memory triggers. The cool thing is that these memory triggers will take her back to a comfortable place…home.

    Favorite shot of the post: BB looking over her shoulder!

  • nila

    Motherhood is one big power trip. It’s hard not letting it go to ones head.

    Yesterday my son was going down the list as to what we needed for our Thanksgiving meal. It made me realize how much they pay attention, even when you don’t think they do. The funny thing is that he doesn’t even eat most of the meal, but it’s important to him just the same.