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    Toy of the Month: the Ice Cube

    I’m always looking for new things to occupy the baby for a minute so I can do the dishes, put away the baby food, pet the jealous yowling cat, feed the jealous yowling cat, think a single thought to completion… stuff like that. In order to do this I’ll let her play with just about anything, save for sharp knives of course. It seems like the only thing that interests her is something new. Toys? Toys are only fun for five minutes and then they are sooooooo last season. Unless of course Mommy is playing with her with the toys and making funny voices. Then toys are fun but I can’t play with her ALL DAY LONG. I gotta do stuff now and then and nap times are few and far between.

    I was quite pleasantly surprised when I found out that an ice cube can keep her occupied for many many minutes. In fact, when I put one in the little mesh fruit holder thing I had to take it away from her after ten minutes because her whole chin was turning red and I started to worry that she might get frost bite or a numb tongue. I think she did get a numb tongue, she kinda made a funny expression at me when I took it away. Like she wanted to cry but her whole bottom lip felt funny so she got distracted by that and just stared at me.

    She loves ice cubes. She chases them around her high chair tray until they fly up and over the lip and onto the floor. No worries there, I just give it a quick rinse in the sink and deposit it right back on the tray. When it’s gone there’s a whole new supply in the freezer. They are quick and easy and other than some puddles on the floor, they are a breeze to clean up. I should market this thing…

    When the ice cube gets old, I give her the whole ice cube tray. It’s rubber and feels great on the sore gums.