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4 generations

On Sunday we had a big dinner at my Grandma’s on my mom’s side. My Aunt Keren made chicken with a delicious secret lemon sauce. Her secret was Splenda. Even though I hate Splenda, I couldn’t even tell it was in the sauce. My Aunt is tricky like that because she is always looking for ways to keep my Grandma healthy. Sugar is forbidden.

As you can see, we are fighting genetics when it comes to weight gain in this family. I hate to even bring this up because I really love my big happy family…why spoil a lovely family portrait by talking about weight issues. Unfortunately, I can’t help myself. It is a big issue in my family. I worry about it all the time. Genetics are a bitch. I think Baby Bug might have a chance of escaping this curse because her Daddy comes from a family with the opposite problem. They are all too skinny. But I don’t know. I think weight gain trumps skinniness just like brown eyes and brown hair dominate over blue eyes and blonde hair. I guess we’ll see. So far I take after my own father who is only moderately over-weight but every day I look in the mirror and I see more and more of my own mother and my mom looks like my grandma just ten years ago.

Enough about that. We are all struggling and doing the best we can. The important thing is that we are happy. Like the pillow on my Grandma’s bed says, “Ewes not fat, ewes just fluffy.” (It has a picture of a female sheep on it.)

I’d been wanting to take a picture of Baby Bug with my Grandma for a while now. It was a perfect sunny day so we took a couple shots out in my Grandma’s garden. (Green thumbs run in the family too.) This is a picture of four generations of first borns. And right above our head was another mother.


  • BeachMama

    That is one beautiful photo and your Grandma’s garden is gorgeous. You look fabulous and I think you have nothing to worry about in the weight category. I take after my Dad too, unfortunately he isn’t the skinny one ;)

  • Auntie Keren

    Secret Lemon Sauce for Chicken (or fish)
    Saute two cloves crushed garlic in two TBS butter until soft.
    Add 1.5 cups H2O with two/three cubes chicken bullion.
    (if you need to cut sodium, use canned low/so chicken stock)
    Stir in half cup fresh lemon juice and four packets SPLENDA.
    Bring to boil.
    In small cup whisk 1 TBS cornstarch to quarter cup cold water.
    Stir slowly into sauce to thicken as you like.
    Can add capers for Picatta Sauce.

  • Jennifer

    The Secret Sauce is out. That sounds really good. As for the weight gain passed through the generations. I think I’m losing that battle. I’m trying to fight the good fight because I’m hoping my girls can avoid it altogether. I’m starting to obsess about my four year old daughter’s weight already. I would never say anything about it out loud. Just keep trying to have healthy food around and lots of outdoor play. Looking at you I would never think this was an issue in your family.

  • gretchen

    This photo is really special. Baby Bug is lucky to have a young and healthy Grandma and a Great-Grandma in her life.

    I, too, fight the genetic weight thing. I worry about it, but then watch the way my mom eats and think that I have some healthier habits than she does (like I don’t eat poptarts every morning) and hopefully that will help me out a little.

    Love your blog and the glimpse of California life!

  • ginger incognito

    What a beautiful photo! I hear you on the fighting genetics, as I have the same worries. But we try to eat healthier than generations prior, and I hope that helps. I wouldn’t stress about it too much, though, as I heard stress can add weight, too. Eek! That’s my favorite hobby! Oh, and thanks to Aunt Karen for revealing the Lemon Sauce recipe. YUM!

  • Lisa

    what a beautiful photo! you look gorgeous and what a wonderful keepsake it will be for Baby Bug.

  • allie

    That’s a gorgeous picture. And you look amazing. I can’t really tell you not to obsess about weight as I do it constantly even though I’ve never had a weight problem. But I think that the fact that you look so great after having a baby is a good sign.

  • Kestrel

    I love seeing generation pictures like this! I know what you mean about genetics, we all have something in our family history we’re struggling against. I know at some point I’ll probably develop glaucoma but there isn’t anything I can do about that so I try not to think about it. At least with weight you have a chance, there is something you can do!

    ps. you look fantastic

  • dana

    I absolutely love photos like this. It is so beautiful to see four generations of women together – the strength and grace represented. The history and the future. Thanks for sharing! And you all look beautiful too.

  • Nila

    Wow! 4 generations. You’re so lucky to get that picture.

    My body is starting to look more and more like my Mom’s. I would rather not go in that direction. I’m also starting to sound more like her, and that’s scarier than the body thing.

  • Kristina

    I love that picture – not only have you got 4 generations (!!) but it is a lovely photo to boot.
    Thanks from me as well to your Auntie Keren for revealing the yummy secret lemon sauce. I just have one question: could you subsitute honey for the Splenda? If so, how much do you think would work – maybe 1 or 2 Tbsp?

  • Naomi

    I’m a new reader! Hi there!

    I know what you mean about heavy genes. My family is a bit overweight, (except my mother who has recently gone all anorexic!), but my hsuband’s family is filled with obese women. I fear that my kids will inherit those genes, and have the weight problems that they do.

    Nice to know someone else thinks like i do!

  • Texas T-bone

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Both sides of my family have various weight and health issues brought on by the extra pounds. Though fighting genetics is ridiculous, it is a motivation for me to eat mostly right and get up off the couch more often than not. That’s something my relatives didn’t do.

  • Auntie Keren

    you could substitue with honey. the important thing is to cut the sour from the lemon juice. it might take more than one or two TBS though, usually equal amts. I poured a little of the sauce over the baked chicken (if you do it in the hot baking dish, the sauce glazes abit) and served the rest in a gravy boat.

  • Jamie

    Beautiful photo! You’ll be so glad you have this some day. My grandmother passed away the year before I got pregnant with my first daughter and I often think about how much joy my girls would have brought to her.

  • andrea

    Weight be damned, I love this photo. Your family has such expressive faces, beautiful skin and you all look so happy. This is generations of women and their love.