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the froggy in my throat

It’s been a real challenge to talk to Baby Bug now that I have laryngitis. I wonder what she thinks? Did a monster replace her mom? Sometimes my voice is downright scary since I’ve been sick. It’s frustrating for me because I was just finally getting into a routine of sing-songy things to say to her as I changed her diaper and dressed her and did all those miscellaneous tasks that seem to repeat themselves endlessly. Now all those little songs are awful whispered hacking sounds because I’m missing half of my vocal cords. Oh well, at least I’m on the mend and for the most part she seems to understand my barking froggy-speak.


  • lauren

    super-cute illustration!

    she probably thinks … hey! what’s that cool new noise i keep hearing?

    glad you’re back, get well soon!


  • JerriAnn

    Hey Jo,
    I’m sorry your sick. I hate losing my voice. I was just wanting to tell you to try the health department for baby bugs shots. They are the same exact shots given at the docs, but a nurse or LPN. Around here they only cost $2 a visit. It saves a lot of money.

  • BeachMama

    I too love your illustration! Baby Bug will know it’s you, she probobly adjusted when your voice started going and will be tickled pink when it changes back. Hope you feel better soon.

  • ginger incognito

    To Baby Bug, it probably sounds as though Mommy’s talking in a funny new voice. Our daughter always thought it funny when Daddy used his funny voice, which made his colds a bit amusing to him for the first time. Annoying as all get-out that he was sick, but funny because the low, creaky sound coming from his throat caused some crack-up faces.

  • Dee

    I absolutely love your illustrations. Hope your voice gets better soon, although I doubt Baby Bug really minds too much. I’m sure she finds it humorous that you sound different.

  • DeeJay

    Yeah, Baby Bug will grow up and marry some guy who sings like Rod Stewart because of this episode. hehe

    Glad you are feeling better these days.