Buddies,  Bug

My Fairy Godmother and the Asian Market

Susan is here! She is my fairy godmother. I am so lucky it’s not even funny. I don’t know what I did to be so blessed by such wonderful people in my life. It blows my mind.

So far she took me out to coffee, bought me a new outfit (and convinced me to give in and actually go up a size in jeans! Oh the wonderful relief of jeans that actually don’t cut off my circulation!), held Baby Bug for hours on end, brought me an orchid plant for my office, cooked spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, took me to my favorite Asian Market so we could have an adventure together, bought a gift certificate to Maccaroni Grill for Toby and I to go out to dinner tonight AND she’s been talking a mile a minute with Toby about some new business plans. She’s a whiz at business and she’s going to whip us into shape–which we badly need. Phew! So much fun cram packed into two days, it’s crazy. I’m going to miss her really bad when she goes home.

Today we are going to run a thousand errands and get a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. I really need it. My eyebrows are atrocious.


  • Curious

    Well hello to everyone in the pink realm, i am so so so happy you have a fairy godmother & she seems to bring in a breath of fresh air. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow night.

  • Fairy Godmother

    Hello every one. I am so happy Brenda has such a wonderful network of friends. Freinds are such a great blessing and Brenda truly is one of the most precious friends in the word. She has been an angel to me and I am so grateful she and her famiily are a part of my life. It’s fun to try and spoil her once in a while as she always has taken such great care of me. Brenda gave great care and support to me at a very diffucult time in my life. She has always been there for me and it is a joy beyond word to be of help to her! XX..OO..

  • Keely

    Glad you’re having such a wonderful time…I love it when my friend from L.A comes to visit me and the husband. She helped take care of me and my husband when I was sick, so I know how special it is to have friends like your Fairy Godmother. :)

  • Kyla's Mama

    Oh my gosh your Blog always makes me laugh when I can relate… When you are taking care of an infant, you never have time for yourself. I just realized by looking in the mirror today (had to go out to show baby off to friends from work) that my eyebros are SO BUSHY it’s not even funny… I was all proud of myself for not having hairy legs and armpits I forgot about my eyebrows!!! Not to mention nails, I just cut them really short now and that’s it. I think the best gift for new mothers is a gift certificate to a spa (and a babysitting coupon so you can go to the spa). I dream of having 2-3 hours to go to a salon and having my hair done!!! Go for it girl, get spoiled as it doesn’t happen very often!

  • Daisy mae

    I am sooo jealous. Can I borrow your fairy godmother? I want to go to the Asian Market too and get some of those roasted crabs and feed my rice cracker addiction. I bet you can even find the fried green peas in that Asian Market . You can’t find those in the Midwest.

    I need her to make us some spaghetti and meatballs and help me buy jeans too. Friends like that don’t happen often but aren’t they great!

  • comfortablycrazy

    I know she intentionally packed her suitcase with jammies that matched Baby Bug’s. And I’m glad. They look so sweet together. You must send me pics of all of you together to put on my desk. I’m glad you’re having a good time. You both deserve the break S is providing. Take advantage of it. If anyone is capable of getting BB to take a bottle, it’ll be her. She never gives up.

    S, thank you for coming to visit with B. I hope you enjoy your time here, and get all the bby time you can. Because when you go home it’ll seem like it wans’t enough. Love You. XOXOXXOXOXOXXO

    Extra XOXXO’s from the girls too.

  • runwaylights

    You’re a lucky women to have such an awesome friend. Both of you.

    I’m so glad you got a break, new jeans and I have to say the pics of her and the baby…beautiful.

  • Karoni

    So nice to see picsyour FGM and that you are still in contact with her. She looks wonderful and happy!!! Please tell her I said hi and pass this on or if she is reading this (HI S!! – I’ve wrote you a couple times but I don’t know if you got my e-mails. I miss you sooooo much! I still have that book you gave me as well as my rock. It still sits by my computer as it always has since the day you gave it to me.)

    B – I’m glad she is getting you out of the house. It’s so important!! Have fun!!!!!